Comotion Colorful Homepage

Co-motion, as its name would suggest, is a brand agency that focuses on collaboration and disruption to fuel the success of their unique brand campaigns. This homepage design effectively embodies these concepts with these two boxes and accompanying UI. The boxes blend together in pattern and match the aesthetic of the entire page. this evokes the collaboration.

Elements in unity construct a whole that is larger in scope and magnitude. However, the slight asymmetry of the boxes positioning cues up this notion if disruption and commotion. Multiple forces in unity disturb the expected and the standard. These are the core values of Co-motion’s process and the overall design theme of the page.

The designer has created a uniquely branded UX that serves as a stellar introduction to the perspective of the company. This is an example of how skilled designers will create subtextual echoes of literal value. They will format a UI that enables and evokes the brand of their client so that its image rings beyond the surface.

Comotion Clean Chat Design

Co-motion continues to stir up some waves with this “chat slider” on the bottom of a page. Here, whatever experience was unfolding on the page above immediately runs into this chat panel. Users are asked if they're interested in collaborating, and can choose to chat if they'd like. This creates a collaborative dialogue that evokes the “co-” in commotion.

No matter what a user just witnessed they will always be prompted to engage the company about it. This creates a UX of interpersonal communication and collaboration, making Co motion seem more like a partner than a contractor. They want to talk with you about your project, because initiating that dialogue is critical to their process, and their brand wants you to know that.

Comotion Colorful Website Design

This last page again features another way that Co-motion is disrupting expectation. This page is what they describe as a “sandbox.” Here they aggregate contextless designs and empower different people to contribute. It's an experiment in collaboration and is something different enough to establish itself as disruptive. No other site probably has this feature, so in that way Co-motion is a truly disruptive collaborator, and design mechanics like these are what empower that position.

Co-motion is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.