Leva Beautiful Homepage

Leva is an engineering consulting firm that focuses on creating high-value relationships between cutting-edge designers and businesses. They aim to cultivate a user-centered experience that places a high value on creativity and a sense of play.

You can see these key values reflected in their website design. Upon landing on the home page, the user is greeted with a message from one of their designers in an instant chat window, demonstrating customer focused UX and UI design.

A transparent, static navigation bar appears horizontally at the top of every page. The blue font, different from the rest of the website, draws attention to the menu and contact button.

Showcasing their high quality graphic design skills, the deep scroll home page opens to a colorful, but clean illustration. Two headlines at the top of the screen summarize the main goals of Leva. The white, sans serif font adds to the clean and simple aesthetic, while a bouncing arrow at the bottom of the illustration draws the user’s attention to the fact that the page contains more information.

On clicking the arrow, the user is directed downwards towards a list of Leva’s services. Each service is described in one concise sentence and accompanied by cheerful illustrations in the same colors, cultivating brand cohesion.

Towards the bottom of the page, a slider allows for the user to click through more services. Beneath the slider, Leva lists some of their high profile clients, lending a sense of credibility and prestige to the page.

Leva Beautiful Website Design

Each service icon on the home page leads to a landing page that echoes the bright colors and abundant negative space of the home page. Information is broken up into short bullet points, creating easily digestible copy that does not cause visual clutter. The white negative space allows for key storytelling words like “future” and “dream” to stand out.

Businesses on the hunt for great designers will certainly be impressed by Leva’s clean yet creative website design. Clear copy, abundant samples, and a direct messaging function add an ease of use to the webpage that businesses are no doubt eager to emulate.

Leva is a beautiful website design in the Engineering and Technology industries.