Dada - Data Awesome Homepage

Dada-Data is a community, news source, and interactive experience meant to promote awareness, preservation, and appreciation of the Dada art movement. Dada is an art form built on appropriating the commercial or inartistic to an ironically artistic end. It’s wacky, off-kilter, and a little punk rock, and Dada-Data’s web design reflects this.

The text is broken up until almost unreadable, while little dystopic figures move and twitch around the page. It’s stunning and immediately locks you into the experience. This design makes users want to know more and in this curiosity, delve deeper and deeper into the recesses of the site. This homepage is a great example of how visual design can set a pace for the rest of your site to follow. It’s simple, when a user opens to this graphic and meticulously unhinged web page, they’ll immediately want to see what every other page looks like.

Dada - Data Awesome Website Design

This menu page successfully continues the motifs of the homepage by again breaking text into nonsensical proportions and asymmetry. This is an excellent example of how you can use visual design to inform the mechanics of your site, rather than vice versa.

By creating an interactive menu that remains within the aesthetic unity of Dada, the designer has crafted a web experience that brings the art form to life. Users are able to engage with what essentially amounts to a work of art. This menu not only allows users to dive deeper and deeper into the site, but also unifies the theme, aesthetic, and functionality of the site to create a unique and singular experience.

Dada - Data Awesome Website Design

This page is an excellent example of how designers can push past just creating visual symmetry within a site, and instead actually ingratiate the visual into the structural. The Dada style of the site is not just eye candy; it’s inextricably linked to the functionality of the site. Users must engage the artwork to navigate the site, creating at every level possible, a truly Dada experience.

Dada - Data is an awesome website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.