Dreamers of Day Amazing Homepage

Dreamers of Day is a digital marketing company with a focus on enhancing their customers’ brands through a higher digital experience. The company takes a minimal approach to their site in order to amplify the impact of their words as well as their displayed projects. The use of a strong font in white against the stark black background, with minimal accents of hazy blue and dim orange, demonstrates the selective creative choices that the company can make on behalf of their client.

The home page allows users quick access to two examples in Dreamers of Day’s portfolio by simply scrolling down. The two portfolio pieces—called, “case studies”—are able to be opened directly from the home page.

Dreamers of Day Amazing Menu Design

Additionally, a sliding menu is another way for users to access the company’s “case studies.” The sliding screen menu is made available on all four main pages of the website for easy navigation throughout the site. Each hyperlink redirects the customer to a new page where they can view the information they are seeking out.

Dreamers of Day Amazing Website Design

Dreamers of Day takes advantage of demonstrating their creative skills on their contact page. The page displays the time and the temperature of the location where their office is located. The degree symbol next to the numerical value doubles as a clock that continuously updates.

Within the contact page, Dreamers of Day includes numerous hyperlinks that open new browser windows, where customers are relocated to the company’s social media platforms. The company’s email is made readily available, and it opens a modal window when clicked that directs the user to their personal email as a means of communication. Their phone number is also made available. When selected, users are prompted to use an online app to call the company.

Dreamers of Day is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.