NFQ Gorgeous Homepage

Knowledge, power, and innovation are the stepping stones to how NFQ does consulting. Working with professionals from around the world, the company seeks to make your business the most optimal version of itself.

Feet running along an empty road make for the dark backdrop of NFQ as if encouraging you to come along with them for the journey. The journey is stormy and the horizon is unable to be seen, but there’s a calm feel to the design choice that’s undeniable. You’re immediately pulled in and ready to become a part of wherever NFQ is looking to take you. 

The home page presents a collective of previews for what you’ll find on their site. In order to do so successfully, NFQ utilizes dark text boxes and beautiful imagery to help separate one thought process from the next.

Instead of being compiled one line beneath the next, a layering technique adds visual variety to the page. It’s a fantastic display that showcases what you need to know in a way that’s interesting to look at. It’s unique and definitely different.

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NFQ Gorgeous About Page

Red, orange, and blue are the foundation to NFQ’s logo and the foundation for their website. The colors are always vibrant regardless of the dark or light background. Through NFQ’s services page, you get a real feel for the importance of this color triad. They become a tool to draw your focal point on the page, pulling your attention straight to the three capabilities the company specializes in. The page takes on a minimal approach by letting the colored text boxes be the majority of the design. It’s a unique way to rely on color, but highly effective in the way that it pulls your eyes to the important message on the page.

NFQ Gorgeous Blog Page

Changing the way the world of consulting is approached means making sure your clients are kept up to date as well on what’s happening. NFQ pulls together a detailed blog for just that! The page is filled with bolded titles to generate intrigue while the occasional photograph pulls your interest. The white background allows both elements to make an impact on how you move about the page. It’s a carefree and simplistic design, putting focus where it’s most needed.

For NFQ, colors become a navigation tool, helping users find areas of interest quickly and know what information is vital for them to go through. The user experience is a minimal one to utilize and look while being easy on the eyes.

NFQ is a gorgeous website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.

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