IT Vortex Corporate Homepage

The IT Vortex is a technology solutions company that specializes in network infrastructure and cutting-edge cloud technology. Starting with the name of the company, IT Vortex begins to set the tone of something sleek, sharp, and almost mysterious. The idea of a vortex is a metaphor for the idea of technology coming together in an undefinable shape, giving the feeling of agility and scalability. This idea is important with any solutions industry, and especially technology. To capture this feeling, the website itself is designed in solidarity with the logo and uses sharp angles, color overlays, and a dark color scheme.

IT Vortex Corporate About Page

An immediate and noticeable branding element is overlapping triangle patters overlaying on the main banner, and throughout banner images on the website. These are composed of the brand colors, and also symbolize this 'coming together' of the vortex. Slight hints of asymmetry are included in the design to give a feeling of motion and agility.

IT Vortex Corporate About Page

Not lost in this cutting-edge design is simplicity in learning about who the company is, who they serve, and what are the areas of expertise. This website serves very capably as a "brochure" and also a repository for thought leadership. This website design is a nice combination of cool and functional.

IT Vortex is a top website design in the Technology industry.