Journeys by The Calvert Journal Beautiful Homepage

The Calvert Journal is a self-proclaimed guide to contemporary culture of the “New East.” This site is dedicated to one of the journal’s special reports—a photographic narrative that delves into the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union, as seen through the lens of six photographers traveling through the former Eastern Bloc states.

The stark white color of the site’s hero image is offset by gray undertones and a slow moving animation, which give the illusion of rolling clouds against bleak skies. The animation, coupled with the monotone color palette, feels entirely ominous and helps bring back to life, the harsh tones of the Cold War. The white text which overlays the hero image is offset by a simple drop shadow. The drop shadow increases readability, without detracting from the image. The image, text, and animations of the hero header set the stage for a truly dramatic look at the shadows left behind by the former Soviet Union.

Journeys by The Calvert Journal Minimal Website Design

From here, the site plays on minimalism and paves the way for photos to do all of the storytelling. The background color sharply switches to black, where it remains throughout the rest of the scroll.

The deep scroll, combined with the continuous black background, serves as a constant reminder of the far-reaching shadows of history. Individual photos dominate the screen and are always placed above the fold. 

Journeys by The Calvert Journal UI Elements

The vertical navigation bar sticks to the left of the center focal point: the photo. The well-placed sticky navigation buttons are crisp examples of the site’s strong UI elements—each button is numbered and corresponds to a specific photo essay, providing the user with a quick escape from the scroll.

Moreover, these buttons seamlessly blend into the design family of the company’s logo, which doubles as a sticky navigation button for the journal’s home page. Subtle button animations highlight active states, allowing the user to see just how far they’ve traveled into each photo essay, while soft slide out animations highlight hover states to remind users of the corresponding titles.

Journeys by The Calvert Journal Minimal Website Design

By simplifying and streamlining navigation elements, this site makes it virtually impossible for users to lose focus on the photos. What’s more, the Calvert Journal’s site serves as a fantastic example of how clever use of simple elements—darkness and deep scroll—can successfully execute an extremely powerful message. Just how long can the shadow of the past can linger over the present?

Journeys by The Calvert Journal is a beautiful website design in the Architecture, Arts & Recreation and Travel industries.

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