Sebastian Graz Colorful Homepage

A product designer who enjoys dabbling in a multitude of design elements, Sebastian Graz puts his all into every project he commissions.

Taking minimalism to a whole new level, Sebastian Graz gives you an undistracted platform to look at as you go through his website design. The homepage comprises of everything in one short scroll.

Beautiful colors combined with rectangles create two scattered grids on the page. Each box of the grids stands out against the pale background as you take in the colors as a whole. Boxes don’t match in length or width, adding visual diversity to the display.

Written within each one you’ll find the name of a project as well as the year it was made. Has one of the big name companies caught your interest? Follow the tiny arrow in the bottom corner of every box to explore what it was that Sebastian Graz created.

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Sebastian Graz Minimal Product Page

From the moment you land on a project, Sebastian Graz makes sure you’re informed on exactly what the point of the project was.

Highlighted in vibrant coloring, the black and bold font is impossible to miss as the very first thing you see. The statement sets the narrative voice as you begin to scroll through the project.

Dynamic visuals make up the majority of the page. Full screen and highly defined, the photographs depict the project in use as you’d expect to find it elsewhere on the web. The experience is immersive, helping you to imagine how it would appear when applied instead of forcing you to use your imagination.

The page is broken down into project segments to guide you through the prominent aspects. The same bold font is used to tell you a quick bit of what you’ll be viewing. The choice to offer simple narratives helps you feel informed and gives you an understanding of what you’re viewing so it will make an impact.

Sebastian Graz takes each project seriously and wants his work to speak for himself. The use of a highly minimalistic design allows the focus of the site to be on each portfolio piece. The use of crisp images and a strong narration style gives users a true understanding of the talent they are viewing and make this a truly amazing website design.

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