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Mustafa Celik Is An Art Director With An Eye For Innovative Designs

Mustafa Celik is a Zurich-based art director. He has a knack for designs that enlighten and entertain, working with exciting elements that add a personality and whimsy to his designs. This Turkish designer has a love for originality and creativity and has experience in many different fields of design and branding.

Here’s what he has to say about himself in his portfolio:

I get inspired by novel ideas, original design and creativity. My work has been varied – from branding, print, apps, UX/UI, websites and digital tools – but always with a human-centered approach and a keen eye for detail. I like to take influences from nature, architecture and cinematography, and always lean towards minimalism and simplicity. I'm glad to collaborate with many creative disciplines and offer a full range of production services in the design, lifestyle, arts, fashion and architecture industries. I'm a big typography lover and into minimal design.

This lover of all things innovative has helped him win awards and gain recognition. But even with this success, he needed a portfolio — somewhere where his talent and work could live online for others to see and get inspired by.

His online portfolio captures the essence of his personality and work. It’s a stunning display of work ethic, passion and creativity. There are elements of this design that stun, inspire and amaze. And there’s definitely something to be learned from it.

Mustafa Celik About Page Website Design

Mustafa Celik’s Website Captivates Clients With Dynamic, Engaging Movement

This website is a portfolio, and so the first thing you see when you enter is a bold image that represents a project. The image shimmers in like the waves left after dropping a coin into a pool of water, and this movement continues as you move your mouse across.

It’s soothing and stunning. The movement follows you and your actions. And instead of scrolling down, when you do decide to scroll, a new project shimmers onto the screen.

Each project is showcased using bold imagery that represents it. To learn more, you click the small, minimal copy that directs you to the ultimate project page.

Here that waving, shimmering motion remains as the header imager.

Beneath are images from the project. There is no copy, no text and no description. You get all the information from the visuals.

And scrolling all the way down to the bottom, you’re welcomed with a CTA that is made up of a white outline of the word “next.” Rolling over, this word also has movement — vanishing and reappearing as a whole new world.

This movement is seen on the website. Tiny illustrations swirl and twirl. Text fades in and out of view. And parallax scrolling puts an emphasis on the work this designer does and the quality work he can produce.

It elevates the design and gives credence to his abilities. You can feel the talent radiating off of this design and you want to keep exploring to see what new trick will come to light.

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Mustafa Celik Gallery Website Design

Mustafa Celik’s Portfolio Site Is Experimental Yet Informative

Unlike most portfolios, this online destination doesn’t appear in a traditional format. There are no tabs, no menu bar and no drop-downs. There’s no extensive "About Me" with a life story or a bunch of unnecessary landing pages to take up your time.

Instead, Celik puts his work on full display from the second you arrive.

There’s a fluidity to this design and user experience. Scrolling lets you surf through the gallery without ever moving from the page. And landing pages are lined around these images in a square. They are written in a small black font that is barely noticeable unless you know where to look. This keeps the full focus on the projects.

There are only three tabs to choose from — the work tab, contact tab and the about tab. You can also click on the specific project shown on the homepage. But there is a limited number of destinations to land on — instead, this design guides you from project to project with ease. There truly is little thinking involved. All you have to do is let go and see where Celik and his portfolio take you.

It’s truly transformative, this website design. It’s simple, modern and fresh. It’s innovative and engaging. With text that guides you and movement that lulls you along, this is a design you can happily get lost in.

Mustafa Celik Home Page And Work Website Design

Mustafa Celik’s Online Portfolio Shows His Talent Through Stunning Movement, Powerful Imagery And An Imaginative Layout

This online portfolio looks nothing like portfolios you’ve seen in the past. It’s dynamic. It’s fluid. It’s fun. There’s a personality to it and a please quality that immediately puts you at ease and allows you to immerse yourself.

From the swaying, rollover movement over the images and the dynamic nature of some the illustrations, to the bold and out-of-the-box orientation of its typography, it’s clear the Celik had fun with this design.

But you can also tell he was passionate about its creation. The layout of this design is masterful. Scrolling takes you from slide to slide, and the menu bar sits around the main image like a square with no outline.

It’s minimal, it’s modern and it’s fresh.

The parallax scrolling, mixed with the eye-catching typography and strong images makes this portfolio hard to ignore. But it’s the perfect design for an art director and successful designer to show off his work and inspire others to do the same.

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