Fin For a Fin Top Website Design

This is a very cool website, not only because it has a nice consistent design but also because it represents a nice cause. This surf fin is meant to represent those who believe that we should not harm sharks even when we are harmed. It makes sense, considering we are the ones stepping in their territory and not the opposite.

That being said, it was only expected that the color blue would be all over the website, as well as some nice wave animation mimicking the water surface and inviting you to dive in. As you scroll through the website, you are introduced to the product in fullscreen sections that are made up of a central image and large titles, with text, bullet points, and a video background. This textual information gives you just enough explaining for you to know what the product is about, this way it will not overload the user with info, but you can always click on the calls to action to know more. 

Fin For a Fin is a top website design in the Non-Profit and Sports & Leisure industries.