Welcome to Fillory Awesome Homepage

Are you ready to dive into a fantastical world of adventures, quests, and mystical creatures? A world of magic, of kings and queens, of lands you have never seen before?

Welcome to Fillory website is an immersive experience where users have the ability to play within the world of Fillory as created by the author Christopher Plover. Infused with whimsical and light music, the world is ready to take you on an adventure. If you’re not a fan of music, simply click on the speaker in the upper right corner to turn off the sounds.

Vivid and fantastical imagery is used to truly amplify the experience of the world. Be it a hazy landscape or mythological creatures, the platform takes the time to develop the right images to draw players in further.

Welcome to Fillory Awesome Website Design

Upon entering the game, players have the ability to explore two separate areas: Fillory and Quests. The option is not daunting, as players can easily toggle between areas on the site with the use of a menu on the top of the screen. Through this menu, players can learn more about the game, the characters, and how to play before immersing themselves into the colorful land.

Welcome to Fillory Awesome Website Design

Players can see an aerial view of Fillory through the in-game map. Users can visualize each and every aspect of the world, and they are able to zoom in onto whichever region they want to see clearer. By clicking on various places on the map, users can get a detailed explanation of what each area contains and their significance to Fillory as a whole.

Welcome to Fillory Awesome Website Design

When the player is ready, they can use the menu to head straight to the Quests area. Here, players will dive into a world of trivia and excitement as they work their way toward earning the reward of the task they’ve selected. The trivia questions aren’t what users would expect, and they’ll find themselves relying on their modern-day knowledge rather than their fantasy know-all.

As users play and immerse themselves into the experience, Fillory allows them to share the game with their friends and family through their personal social media platforms with a simple click of a button.

As a whole, Welcome to Fillery exhibits extensive whimsical and fun imagery, emphasizing the entertainment aspect of the UX. With such a fantastical, interactive experience, users are sure to enjoy their time spent on Welcome to Fillory.

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