Outsmart Labs Website Design Miami sunset

Outsmart Labs Website Design Shows How To Make Business and Branding Flow Together

Outsmart Labs, a Miami-based digital agency, develops digital strategies to help clients reach their business goals through tidal waves of innovative solutions.

The agency’s versatility, adaptability and approach to business are unified in one recognizable element – water.

As far as visual dictionary dictates, water is commonly depicted as a symbol of change due to its flow and forward movement, the latter being Outsmart Labs’s company credo.

This principle is embodied exceptionally in the agency’s website redesign.

Outsmart Labs website design leverages discernible simplicity. The result? A beautiful, clean website with an emphasis on animation.

Outsmart Labs is proof that more often than not - easy does it. As soon as visitors land on the home page, they’ll find themselves seamlessly learning about the agency’s services without making an effort to actively spend time searching.

The agency isn’t lying when they say, “The hype is real.”

Visual appeal of Outsmart Labs services

Outsmart Labs Website Design Treats Visitors To Stylish Animations And Smooth Transitions

The website’s main visual drivers are fluid, waterdrop shapes and the similarly (re)designed cursor. The fluid shapes animate with subtle, tranquil bubbling, while the textual elements rely on well-timed reveals.

Outsmart Labs’s cutting-edge homepage lets visitors peel the website layers just by hovering over the agency’s services.

The website’s minimalistic animations breathe life into each page. Interactive and floating elements enhance the visual appeal and create depth into the otherwise basic design. Professional web designers often use hover states to enhance interactivity and provide a dynamic user experience.

Floating high-res images create a pseudo-3D effect as if they are shimmering portals to different locations and/or services. It makes the overall design even more layered and drives the sense of depth on the page.

Jumping from page to page is seamless and near-instant. Artful transitions maintain the illusion of waves washing over the canvas, making users forget that it is, in fact, a corporate website.

Stylish typography

The Clean Typography Of Outsmart Labs Website Is Clear As Water

The dominant serif Romana font in headlines and subheadings on Outsmart Labs website design makes it attractive and readable at first glance. Branding experts typically use serif fonts to convey a sense of tradition, elegance, and professionalism. 

This typeface exudes the feeling of exclusivity and appealing mystery despite the font’s simplicity. It’s an enigma wrapped within a riddle.

However, the open nature of Outsmart Labs website design and ample negative space wash away the secrecy, leaving only the focused and eye-pleasing delight that guides visitors down the conversion funnel.

The combination of serif and geometric sans fonts permeates the website with character. Black letters on light backgrounds are easy to read, while the space around short paragraphs lets the content breathe and makes calls-to-action (CTAs) even more attractive.

Such clean and neat typography adds to the minimalistic nature of the website, resulting in consistency and simplistic beauty.

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Outsmart Labs Proves That Splashes Of Colors Work For Engagement and Branding

The only color that disrupts the prevalent whiteness of Outsmart Labs website design is light blue. The palette is uniform and almost monochromatic, with minimal analog touches of complementary pastel hues.

These add to the soothing vibe that the whole website emits.

Animated swashes of colors grab the visitors’ attention and direct them towards a wide array of Outsmart Labs’ digital services and other points in the users’ journey.

Setting all these elements against a clean white background seals the deal for this specific design and enhances its magnetic pull further.

50 shades of blue

The Seamless UX in Outsmart Labs Website Design Makes Content Flow Smoothly

For Outsmart Labs, user experience (UX) is not a box to be ticked, set and forgotten. It is a continuous flow of user interaction that requires constant watering. And Outsmart Labs fits the role of the watchful gardener effortlessly.

Design-wise, this method is manifested right at the beginning of the user journey. The main menu and main CTA are easily noticeable upon landing on the homepage, drawing just the right amount of attention from the users.

The main menu is sticky and it stands above the fold, never “drowning” users with unwanted or redundant information. Plenty of negative space provides breathing room for the content and makes it both easy on the eyes, as well as adding to the ease of navigation.

Outsmart Labs Website Design Is A Clear Winner For Its Impeccable Attention To Detail

For such a minimalist approach, the attention to detail is incredible. It is evident in the rendition of the sunset that turns into six distinctive waves that seem to, whether on purpose or not, visually point to the six menu subcategories (“Work,” “Services,” “Blog,” “Careers,” “About” and “Contact.”)

This attention to detail is proof that the brand’s commitment to its audience isn’t lost in the sea of colors and animation.

Outsmart Labs website design showcases the agency’s goals and unique value proposition through a forward-thinking approach to design.

The company was able to justify the meaning behind their brand name without trying too hard, making them a worthy winner of our Best Website Design Award.

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