Das Department Amazing Homepage

Das Department is a commercial production studio that creates specifically stylized content to reflects the client's brand in every way possible. The home page demonstrates the studio’s value of style as a branding and selling weapon. Every part of the design has been meticulously curated to create the ideal experience for engaging with the studio’s brand. The background of the page is a dynamic video that displays a variety of the company’s work. The video has been edited to convey excitement, anticipation, and their ability as a video creator. Users immediately understand what Das Department does and how they do it. By promptly introducing their work in the medium most reflective of their talents, Das Department’s home page jump-starts a user experience of complete brand immersion.

Das Department Amazing Menu Design

Das Department’s menu page continues the highly stylized brand experience established within the home page. The type is cinematic and grungy, which serves to convey a very specific style and system of value. Even when it's just navigating a menu, users are engaged with the company's specific aesthetic. Das Department likes to bring artistry and the experience of cinema into every commercial they make. They are anything but standard; even their menu flares with style.

Das Department Amazing About Page

The “About” page displayed on Das Department’s website serves to iterate the values of the company. Storytelling, emotion, and drama are the things they imbue into every project they undertake. Additionally, these are the same values found throughout the design of the site. On this page, the text is cinematic, and the background is photogenic. No matter what Das Department makes, they will instill a sense of style and urgency like that of the movies. The entire site, this “About” page included, evokes the cinematic and the impeccably cool.

Das Department De is a amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.