Pal Zileri Elegant Homepage

Italian designer Pal Zileri combines modern creativity with the Italian tradition of expert tailoring to create labor intensive menswear pieces with the highest quality standards. This commitment to elegance and excellence is brilliantly conveyed through their web page.

Their home page features three images as the only focal points on the page. The pictures showcase men in unique as well as classic looks in various Italian scenes. The pictures sit against white negative space which serves to highlight the stylings.

The brand name is prominently featured on the static navigation bar at the top of the screen. Black serifed font captures the elegant aesthetic of the brand and presents one of the only design elements on the page. Clicking the menu button to the left causes a full screen grey menu to move from the left hand side across the screen. A menu emerging from the side of the screen is a less common design feature, so it instantly captures the attention of the user.

An annoying, thick black bar appears at the bottom of every page, imploring the user to accept their cookie policy. The black bar is so contrary to the aesthetic of the page, it successfully forces the user to accept.

Pal Zileri Elegant Website Design

The History page directs the user to a fullscreen, high definition short film about the brand. Without any narration or dialogue, the strong brand images are allowed to speak for themselves. Striking scenes from Italy highlight the European history of the brand, evoking an aura of excellence. The shot also features scenes of the suits being sewn by hand, reminding the user that they are paying for the highest quality fashion can offer. The images also show a small studio, creating a feeling of exclusivity and luxury.

With hundreds of menswear designers on the market, it can be hard to stand out. Pal Zileri utilizes multimedia elements on their webpage to highlight their Italian heritage and hand-sewn suits. With a minimalist layout, their high resolution images are allowed to truly capture the user.

Pal Zileri is an elegant website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Luxury industries.