Classy Website Design

Classy Website Design is an Epitome of Streamlined Simplicity

Classy is a leading online fundraising platform that enables nonprofit organizations to connect with their supporters and maximize their impact through a suite of world-class fundraising tools. Attracting, sustaining and growing support for organizations since 2011, Classy aimed to elevate its collaborative platform to a new level with a new website that unites changemakers and masterfully embodies its unique set of services.


The agency understood that the actual wow effect arises from Classy’s offering, so rather than introducing a slew of fancy effects and other distracting gimmicks, UPQODE opted for a clean and simple design and, most importantly, powerful messaging and legible typography. Alas, what is more, impactful than conversion-driven copy?

Reflecting the platform's versatility, the website represents a masterclass of responsiveness and is perfectly featured on any device: personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

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Modular Design

A Minimal Design Paired with the Pleasant Color Combination and Ample Spacing Makes a Creative Atmosphere

Making a genuine change is, first and foremost, a creative endeavor. Building an expansive space for creatives to make said changes transcends the gap between creative and actionable and merges them into one online experience that we can only deem as – Classy.

Visually, the site is modern-looking, minimal and features a clever use of brand colors. The blues, yellows and dark tones work well in presenting the brands' services and offers. The bold, sans-serif typeface is legible, understandable, and easy on the eye.

Despite the complexity of their crowdfunding solutions and tools, the Classy website is on point regarding written content. Each piece of copy is engaging and punchy. The immediacy of Classy’s selling points is an excellent way for visitors to start their website experience. The way they are written is bound to morph them from prospects to active collaborators.

Messaging is the most important aspect of any website – especially the one whose primary purpose is “selling genuine connections” rather than your typical set of IT services or retail products. There are no redundant words, excessive, overexplained descriptions and non-essential phrases.

Sticky Menu Navigation

A Well-Designed, Sticky Main Menu Navigation Makes the User Journey a Breeze

Classy website design follows one principle: What you see is what you get! Bearing in mind the brand’s promise and UVP, you have a lot to see on this ride.

The user journey is as simple and effective as the design. With an ever-present main menu, visitors can skim through the content fast, while all the subsections make it a breeze to navigate.

Next to Classy’s logo, the top-screen menu is divided into three parts: Products, Resources and the About Us page. What makes it stand out from the industry conventions is just how much UPQODE managed to pack within in such a streamlined and legible way.

As the user scrolls, the sticky menu navigation makes it simple for the user to simply jump to any other page without the need to go back up. The order of the links in the main menu follows a certain logic: Classy knows that their clients seek a difference first and foremost, then come to the means to achieve ambitious promises (Resources), followed by the brand’s story and testimonials.

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Masterclass of Simplicity

Classy Showcases the Power of Simple Website Design in the Complex Fundraising Industry

Simply put, this website design is a stunning display of simplicity in action, and action is what Classy is all about. The fundraising platform utilizes a streamlined layout to inform, educate and help users achieve their goals effortlessly, without overwhelming or confusing them.

Rather than selecting a regal color palette, Classy is confident with a colorful presentation that screams confidence and instills trustworthiness right upon first landing on the homepage.

Sometimes, simplicity (not fancy minimalism or shrieking effects) is what gets rewards, and UPQODE is definitely worthy of our Best Website Design trophy.

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