TechStyle Fashion Group Clean Homepage

Clothing is often an external expression of our inner person. No one knows that better than TechStyle Fashion Group. Featuring brands like Fabletics and JustFab that rely on personalization for customer satisfaction, TechStyle focuses on connecting individuals with the looks that express their truest selves.

Engaging an audience that spans the globe, TechStyle uses a web design with consistent color schemes and creative visual content. Black, white, and blue colors are spread throughout fonts, backgrounds, and links. To continue this trend, even the models featured on the pages exhibit clothing styles consistent with the color palette of this fashion-forward site.

TechStyle Fashion Group Clean Website Design

As users click into links and options, they are guided across a multi-page site that tells the stories of each brand partnered with TechStyle. Users can scroll through a variety of tools—blog posts, social media content, short videos, and fashion showrooms—to connect them with all their favorite clothing. Stark, white web space is broken up by sections of text and images overlaying subtly textured backdrops, suggestive of diverse fabrics used in each of these fashion lines.

Vertical text, moving shapes, and zoom effects give an intriguing dynamism to every page, just like the clothing that makes people feel alive and trendy. Soft drop-shadows and off-white text boxes give each page subtle depth, while underlining and text colors shift and change as users click to expand their vision of a new wardrobe.

TechStyle Fashion Group Clean News Page

The space is a bit crowded with bright blue color and bold images of shoes, tops, and dresses. Information about brands for all kinds of women floods in from every angle. The design sometimes feels like a slightly cluttered closet filled with combinations for every occasion and outing. It’s exciting, engaging, and on the cusp of something new. News stories, shading, and columns of color fill the pages with life and intrigue. It’s a bit of calm and a bit of chaos to spark creativity through clothes.

TechStyle is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.