The Kennedy Center Elegant Homepage

To celebrate one hundred years since John F. Kennedy was born, the Kennedy Center put together a living memorial encompassing the ideals Kennedy valued when he was alive. The beautiful program is a fantastic way to pay tribute to a great president.

A simple introduction at its best is what the Kennedy Center has created to bring you into the artistic program. Centered on the page is a faded photograph of Kennedy, screened with a deep blue filter to change the entire color of the home page.

Lined across the page over the photograph are the core ideals John F. Kennedy had. A vibrant color choices that transitions through the five words is what makes them stand out against the blue as the very first thing you see when you enter the website. The coloring choice is a brilliant one, as it draws upon piquing your curiosity behind their meanings to make you want to investigate the website further.

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The Kennedy Center Clean News Page

Choosing to celebrate John F. Kennedy’s birthday over the course of an entire week means the number of events lined up is extensive. As a result, the website lays out a timeline of events for you to look through. The page relies heavily on an organized appearance, making sure you know what’s happening and when. A uniformed front is how each event is presented, combining a descriptive photograph as your focal point with the event title and information. To complement the neat presentation, delicate lines are drawn between events. It proves useful in amplifying your ability to differentiate between events as you pick and choose how to experience the whole week!

Take some time as you prepare for the event to explore the five main centerpieces to the whole week: the artistic movements behind John F. Kennedy’s core ideals. Click on one and you’ll instantly see how the website brings in the color from the main page that the word was written in. This color choice becomes the font and accent foundation for the page as you read about what project was created. It’s a stunning and creative way to tie everything together across the website.

The Kennedy Center creates a visually immersive experience reliant on color association for users as they come to find out about the centennial celebration of John F. Kennedy’s birthday. With the assistance of a strong, organized front, the website makes for a user friendly platform to place the focus entirely on helping users get the most out of the event.

The Kennedy Center is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation, Education and Entertainment industries.

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