The Quake's Website Design

The Quake’s Website Design Boasts Dynamic Elements and Heavy Font Styles

With only two large, bolded words centered on the screen and a simple yet effective brown background, Yoni Kessler & Yehuda Bruck set a perfect stage for The Quake's website.

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Once you start scrolling, the website's name begins to shake and divides the screen into two halves, separating the text precisely like earthquakes do.

Not only does this cleverly implemented effect engage the audience, but it also adds a layer of dynamism that emphasizes the content and ensures information retention. 

Informative and engaging design

The Quake’s Website Design Employs Powerful Visuals That Illustrate Reality

After mimicking an earthquake's initial tremor, the design switches to a different storytelling method that gives you a better understanding of how earthquakes work.

The content sections are supported by dynamic elements that teach you the quakes' origin, frequency, and strength.

These striking visuals include a rotating globe divided into nine tectonic plates, a 2D map of the world with large red alarm indicators, and a simulation of the Richter scale. The agency effectively combined content and graphics to be informative without being too technical.

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High-res images galore!

The Quake’s Website Design Extends Its Informative Power With Stunning Full-Screen Photography

Natural disasters like earthquakes can have massive aftermath with long-term consequences. That said, this single-page website shows exactly how devastating these can be.

Aside from digital artwork, the website design features a slideshow with realistic photos. A short description in the center details more about the side effect, educating visitors on how all these are connected due to the earthquake.

The learning experience continues as the next section informs visitors about the most historical earthquakes.

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Edutainment at its best

The Quake’s Website Design Wraps Up With Life-Saving Tips

After providing insightful and fascinating details about earthquakes, the web design helps you protect yourself with safety tips.

The five prevention and defense tips are presented in a carousel that you can navigate by clicking arrows. Each tip has a large sign-like illustration accompanied by a simple and easy-to-remember one-liner.

Overall, this website design is deeply immersive and informative, teaching you everything about earthquakes. The presentation styles combine simplistic digital art and powerful real-life photography. Like some of the best web designers, the design team seamlessly blended several styles to deliver a memorable user experience.

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