12 Best Educational Website Designs That Inspire and Inform

12 Best Educational Website Designs That Inspire and Inform
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 17, 2023

As more and more cultural and educational institutions compete for their piece of the market, hiring one of the top-rated website design companies and standing out with good web design to attract the attention of prospects is imperative.

Let’s get metaphysical as we show you some of the best educational web design examples that are a feast for the eyes just as much as they are food for thought.

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1. Planet Schule Klima Challenge by Netzbewegung

[Source: Netzbewegung]

Standout Features:

  • Immersive UX
  • Engaging chat pop-ups
  • Mesmerizing video content

Making it on our list of the best educational website designs is the Planet Schule Klima Challenge. This incredible learning platform, developed by Netzbewegung, teaches you about the importance of our planet’s climate research in a modern, accessible way.

Rather than boring you with tons of uninterrupted text, the design mimics a chat app through an engaging and immersive UX that tugs your curiosity.

You embark on a learning journey as you can rotate the globe to enter one of the four areas. Once you choose an area, you’re faced with short but mesmerizing video lessons that let you into the intriguing facts about climate research.

Each video triggers a quiz-like sequence that tests your new knowledge as you gather points and earn cool badges in this game-like experience.

2. UMS-Wright Preparatory School by Mighty

[Source: Mighty]

Standout Features:

  • Video in the hero section
  • Royalty-inspired color palette
  • Compelling About section

The next educational website design is created by Mighty for UMS-Wright Preparatory School. The website highlights the institution’s credentials and legacy through an elegant look that’s simple to follow.

While there are no elaborate effects, the design employs a variety of simple design elements that refresh the flow and help it avoid feeling monotonous.

Royal red and white are the only two colors that compose the design's color palette. As they interchange presenting text and background colors, they reflect the institution's prestigious status.

As soon as you enter the website, you’re greeted with an introductory video in the hero section that helps present the high-status and diverse community of the school. As you explore the site, you'll see an informative section that teaches you about the school's long and prominent history.

Make sure to visit the About page to fully feel the organization's and its members' spirit. This part of the website takes you through the vital chronological points of its existence by using stimulating visual devices to accompany the content.

3. CvSU OSFFS by Angely Dy

[Source: Angely Dy]

Standout Features:

  • Feedback system
  • QR code-based solution
  • Simplified search query

The next website in focus is CvSU OSFFS by Angely Dy. It helps students improve their schools by letting them rate a variety of provided services. The sheer simplicity, practical UX design, and incredible functionality behind the site make it one of the best educational web designs.

The platform presents a feedback system that simplifies and streamlines the report system, helping students complete forms and helping specific school departments track them and address the issues.

The website presents you with an easy-to-use search query that lets you find services you want to rate or review. Rather than having to download and print the forms, you can now scan a QR code that instantly transfers you to the desired form. The design transforms this process from dull and bothersome to a swift and productive activity.

4. Stories of Clay by vueloIV

[Source: vueloIV]

Standout Features:

  • Fluid background colors
  • Mysterious design
  • Interactive map

The following pick for the most intriguing educational website design list is Stories of Clay. This website was designed by vueloIV, and the agency captivates the browser's attention through a series of simple visual devices.

The landing page opens with a lit-up image of an ancient clay pot surrounded by a gray background, instantly setting the mood for this mysterious design. As you start scrolling, you submerge yourself in a historical story that relies on fluid background colors and font styles that remind us of something mythical and old.

As the background smoothly transitions from pitch-black to light hues, the content varies, presenting a balanced mixture of textual and visual content-oriented sections.

Aside from an enjoyable scrolling experience that goes from left to right, the design also entails an interactive map with clickable locations. Each location shows a pop-up that lets you learn about the pottery’s origins.

5. Joco by Other Digital

[Source: Other Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Original scrolling dynamic effect
  • Fascinating cube dance
  • Immersive portfolio highlighting

Other Digital’s web design for Joco is another digital artwork among our best educational website designs.

The company’s logo and its mission and vision are dissected into hundreds of identical cubes that constantly dance around. As you are introduced to the brand with a short statement, you can immediately interact with the hovering cubes embracing it.

These geometrical objects start to move around as you scroll, transforming into larger objects that introduce bits of relevant content. This original dynamic effect makes browsing incredibly entertaining as you wonder what’s the next image the website will show you.

The formations include a frame for a picture, the logo itself, “constellations” of the brand’s services, and a singular growing cube that transforms into a full pink screen with featured projects from the portfolio.

6. The Longest Road By Pixelfish

The Longest Road best educational website designs
[Source: The Longest Road]

Standout features:

  • Interactive map website navigation
  • Animated elements like clouds over the map
  • Aesthetics that replicate the team’s target era

The Longest Road is a team of adventurers who took a unique, 10,000 miles road trip across the United Kingdom in a classic black Morgan 4/4 car, replicating the joyrides and field trips of old. The team organizes the exact same experience for avid and inquisitive travelers.

Their extraordinary website is the work of Pixelfish web design agency and it is every bit as adventurous and ambitious as The Longest Road crew’s route. It is, essentially, a massive interactive map of the UK, showing the team’s exact itinerary, roads they’ve taken, and places they’ve visited.

The map itself resembles the old Atlas maps down to the last detail: the 3D terrain, the typical fonts denoting the seas and mountain ranges – even the colors, sandy gold and burnt umber, lend an old-time feel to the map depicting a journey whose theme was very much bound to a bygone era.

The visitor moves across the map website by dragging their mouse cursor. Clicking on the white dots at every specific landmark opens a window with a short story about this particular part of the journey, along with some high-quality photos of the place.

The whole online experience is accompanied by a very unobtrusive and delicate soundscape of ambient sounds and bits of music from 1920-1930. At the top-right corner sits a hamburger menu icon that opens a massive navigation panel with links to the team’s story and handbook.

7. Alfred Landecker Foundation By Output

Alfred Landecker Foundation best educational website designs
[Source: Alfred Landecker Foundation]

Standout features:

  • Projects and missions featured in different colors
  • Message-centric website
  • User-friendly search engine

Alfred Landecker Foundation is an organization that combats all forms of discrimination, from antisemitism to sexism, and “promotes the development of democratic societies.”

Created by Output branding agency, the foundation’s website is very informative and messaging-oriented, which is quite sensible considering their mission and objectives. Although its nature is primarily educational, the website is still concise in the way it delivers written content, aided by custom visuals, emblems, and videos.

The website opens with a full-screen video message on the foundation’s latest initiatives. The hamburger menu icon to the right opens a neatly categorized navigation panel that explains the organization’s purpose and background.

Colorful blocks for each mission break the monotony of a generally low-key color scheme. The typography is a highly legible sans-serif type that helps with message delivery and retention. Hovering over the “What We Do” boxes creates a color contrast with the box’s original hues.

Individual articles and other pieces of written content have their own custom illustrations that follow a similar visual style. The foundation’s projects, from protecting minorities to strengthening democracy, have their own custom-colored panels to make it easy for visitors to differentiate them at a glance when looking for a specific project.

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8. Youth Justice Network By Purple Bunny

Youth Justice Network best educational website designs
[Source: Youth Justice Network]

Standout features:

  • Consistent color scheme
  • Bite-sized messaging
  • Sticky main navigation

Youth Justice Network is an organization dedicated to building a society that empowers young people of today to thrive in a just and fair environment. Their website is the work of the Purple Bunny web design agency.

Sporting a striking purple-yellow-white color palette, the website starts with a very in-depth homepage that takes the visitor on an educational journey. Purple-tinted images of young protestors introduce the network’s mission and the well-illustrated stats on the state of racial justice in the US.

The bite-sized messaging provides insight into the organization’s comprehensive support system, justice advocacy and methods for building young people’s independence. The call-to-action buttons next to these messages point to different areas of interest, from donating to the cause to getting involved with the project. The CTAs animate with a yellow sliding effect when a user hovers over them.

The main menu navigation is “sticky,” as per UX best practices. The links point to the main pages on the website and are arranged in a sequence that follows a natural user journey. The big yellow Donate button makes its appearance here as well.

On the website footer, the organization emphasizes the importance of staying connected and invites visitors to follow Youth Justice Network on their social media channels.

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9. Beyond By Mish Design

Beyond best educational website designs
[Source: Beyond]

Standout features:

  • One-page concept
  • A well-defined, on-brand color palette
  • Well-conceived user journey

The Beyond is a cultural and musical event taking place In Turkey. Its concept is unique in uniting the local cultural, musical, and ethnographic heritage with the global mindset of those looking to connect through art and meaningful interaction.

Their website, courtesy of Mish Design, corresponds to the brand’s artistic origins and intentions. It features an all-over-screen video collage that begins the user’s experience. A simple but bold tagline of “For those who seek more” in serif fonts completes the screen above the fold, along with the Tickets CTA and the Beyond logo.

Once the user scrolls down, the video takes the shape of a circle and moves out of the screen in a very attractive fashion. A few lines of copy explaining the Beyond festival’s UVP transition into a simple image gallery. The info on the upcoming Beyond event follows, detailing the event’s date, location, and general description.

The website’s color scheme uses pastel beige, peach, and dark blue to accommodate the mostly spherical design elements with subtle micro-animations.

The website’s one-page design doesn’t require any navigational elements like the main menu, making the UX extremely simple on all devices.

10. Take Me To The Club By Phantom

Take Me to the Club best educational website designs
[Source: Take Me to the Club]

Standout features:

  • Custom typography
  • One-page-per-venue concept
  • Dark mode with white textual content

Take Me To The Club is a website that chronicles and remembers London’s iconic LGBT+ venues that were shut down. The website’s purpose is more than pure nostalgia: it emphasizes the importance of preserving and showing support to these bars and clubs that gather the city’s gay and trans community.

The website, designed and developed by Phantom creative agency, opens with a splash screen featuring a very distinctive, custom typography. Moving the mouse cursor around shows the photos of venues and visitors as they appear and disappear in a flash.

Clicking on the Go Out CTA button begins the user journey, one venue at a time. The visitor is taken to the page dedicated to one of the closed venues. It opens with a photo carousel of the place, the year of its closure, and its former address.

Scrolling down the page shows more photos of this particular club and some quoted memories by former frequenters. A short blurb about the venue’s significance for the LGBT+ community closes the club’s dedicated page. The “On To The Next One” button at the bottom right corner invites the visitor to explore another venue, repeating the experience consistently.

The website is entirely black and white, except for the photos that give it a pop of color. This, along with the custom font, boosts the website’s overall feeling of nostalgia.

11. Palazzo Monti By Matteo Sacchi

Palazzo Monti best educational website designs
[Source: Palazzo Monti]

Standout features:

  • Horizontal scrolling
  • One-page concept
  • Sticky CTAs

Palazzo Monti is a cultural center in Brescia, Italy. It hosts an exhibition space and a private art collection, encourages artistic collaboration and ignites inspiration in local artists with its extensive library of artifacts, artworks and books.

Matteo Sacchi is behind Palazzo’s striking website design that utilizes horizontal scrolling and a one-page concept to showcase the cultural center’s entire value proposition. This quite revolutionary and seldom-used layout begins with a brief description of the institution.

The “Palazzo Monti” name appears in massive letters the size of a screen. It begins where the website starts and ends where the website ends, appearing through the cracks made by the content elements. The white background and black fonts are an eye-pleasing setting for colorful photos that introduce the visual element of surprise as the visitor keeps scrolling.

Different site sections – About, Who, Press, Artists, and so on – transition seamlessly into one another. The user knows which section they’re at by looking at the bottom of the screen where section names are indicated.

With no main menu, the only navigational elements are the two sticky CTA buttons, Apply Now and Newsletter. They blend in with the rest of the surroundings with their rounded, white shape and clear text.

12. StuDocu

[Source: StuDocu]

Standout features:

  • Bright and friendly design
  • User-friendly search engine
  • Sticky main navigation

StuDocu is a website for educational document sharing. It was founded in 2013 by four students to exchange documents and improve grades. Later, this idea became a first-notch educational business helping students all over the world to have access to complete educational information. Consequently, this business can not have a plain website design with over 25M users.

Not only does it achieve its primary mission - streamlined education, but the website is also easy on the eyes, in a way that it is simultaneously appealing and focus-oriented. Now that's deserving of an "A" in our opinion.

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