Building a personal website takes a lot of creativity and strategy – as it should.

After all, it’s one of the best tools for introducing and positioning yourself in a massive digital space. When done right, it will make potential employers or collaborators want to work with you for a project or business venture.

That’s why you need a professionally-made website that reflects your personal branding and highlights your field of expertise. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. A strong web presence can catapult your freelancing or full-time career in no time!

To get you started, we’ll let you draw inspiration from some of the best personal web designs on this page.

Suppose you’re an aspiring designer, web developer, or all-around creative. In that case, you can get ideas from these stunning examples to help create a well-presented online personal website.

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1. Enrico Deiana Portfolio

[Source: Enrico Deiana]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic visual transitions
  • Changing gradient themes
  • Captivating bold statements

Enrico Deiana is an Italian senior UI and product designer who works with many businesses and industries. To showcase his versatility, he created a personal website that puts creativity and style at the forefront.

The website starts with a prominent statement, “creative, delightful experiences for your business.” He used a mix of sophisticated and bold fonts to bring out his personal brand’s ingenious character, a recurring theme for the website.

He also added motion to elements like the titles, headlines and descriptions, and crawlers. Fun buttons like “push me” and “explore me” are also an excellent way to pique the viewer’s interest and keep them browsing through the pages.

These dynamic visuals lie on a dark-themed background, making the design clean and streamlined. For variation, he changed the colors by adding muted and deep gradients of gray, blue, and gold to showcase his featured projects.

At the very bottom of the page, he ended the presentation with a striking CTA statement, “let’s create something meaningful together (but not forever),” to engage the viewers even more.

2. Mysta Electric - Tattoo Artist by Tore Bentsen

[Source: Mysta Electric]

Standout Features:

  • Interactive 3D images
  • Monochromatic aesthetic
  • Large and bold typography

Like marveling at an art exhibit, Mysta Electric’s website is an awe-inspiring digital tattoo gallery that ink junkies will surely swoon over.

Tore Bensten, the website designer, used a dark monochromatic theme to make the tattoos the center of attention. It also matched the artist’s style – “beautiful melancholy with explicit technique.”

The ultimate visual treat is the 3D images interacting with the mouse cursor. From the tattoo artist’s headshot displayed on the banner to the massive portfolio pieces, site visitors can see the visuals from different angles by hovering over them.

He also used significant white texts for the descriptions that filled up the entire space. When you don’t see photos, you see text – a straightforward approach to introducing the artist and his work. With this style choice, viewers will learn about the person right on!

3. Joris Bijdendijk by Cut the Code

[Source: Joris Bijdendijk]

Standout Features:

  • Slider navigation
  • Sharp, high-contrast flat lays
  • Magazine-style web pages

Joris Bijdendijk is a Dutch chef of two Michelin-star restaurants and a revered cookbook author and columnist. With such a well-established career, his website designed by Cut the Code gave justice to that.

The site’s homepage features a full-screen slider that serves as the main navigation. Website visitors can simply hit the “See” button to explore more of the chef’s work and achievements. Alternatively, they can drag the slider image to swipe left and right.

The designer added a standard navigation bar at the top and a hamburger menu for easy access. This double navigation style helps site visitors browse through the pages without going back to the slider.

Each section has a different color story and a stunning photograph to go with it. The main visual for each display is a flat lay of a plate containing various items: dishes, books, grades, and whatnot.

This aesthetic is a recurring theme for the rest of the pages, which genuinely did wonders for the chef’s personal branding!

4. Andy Hardy by Dennis Snellenberg

[Source: Andy Hardy]

Standout Features:

  • Beautifully-shot landscape images
  • Branded portfolio categories
  • Dark-themed aesthetic

Andy Hardy is a Melbourne-based creative director who specializes in commercial and photojournalistic photography. With this type of work, you want the visuals to shine through – which is what Dennis Snellenberg delivered as the website designer.

The designer picked the best portfolio piece to feature on the site banner – a marvelous landscape image. A brush-stroked “Andy!” is incorporated into the photo for an instant introduction.

On the outer frames of the image, the designer overlaid details like the photographer’s full name, work details, social media icons, hamburger navigation menu, and a “Get in Touch” CTA button. A complete ensemble!

Below the banner, Andy’s work is appropriately organized in various categories: portfolio, commercial work, education, and photography presets. Each one features a unique image along with a logotype for distinction. Personal branding, check!

With these stunning visuals, using a dark theme for the website is a power move. The pitch-black background made the vibrant images pop and the white text descriptions super readable.

5. Dr. Pimple Popper by Bureau of Small Projects

[Source: Dr. Pimple Popper]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and organized site layout
  • Fresh color palette
  • Video and blog preview sections

Everyone who follows her knows that Dr. Pimple Popper started the whole pimple-popping craze on the internet.

With a huge following and a strong fan base, her website, designed by the Bureau of Small Projects, is just as satisfying as her popping sessions!

Upon opening the page, site visitors can immediately learn about Dr. Sandra Lee’s professional background. Thanks to the ‘Join Us’ CTA button right below the introduction, they can instantly enter her world by getting access to the behind-the-scenes footage.

Visitors can watch the free videos cataloged in the “The World of Dr. Pimple Popper” to get a good preview. They can also educate themselves by reading skincare tips from the blog section on the homepage.

Behind all the viral videos, Dr. Pimple Popper is still a medical professional, after all, and this site layout correctly highlights that. The designers used a refreshing blue-toned palette to counter the graphic stills and introduce a more approachable vibe.

6. Brady Patterson’s Portfolio

[Source: Brady Patterson]

Standout Features:

  • Large portfolio previews
  • Thought-provoking slogans
  • Light and dark contrast

Brady Patterson’s work as a designer and entrepreneur shines in this contemporary and interactive personal website. It shines literally because of the neon-inspired visuals that light up all the web pages.

This glow-in-the-dark theme is seen throughout the sections, starting with the banner. The site opens with a screen-wide layout that displays all the portfolio essentials: the person’s name, work title, location, and a contact button. A neon circle brings them all together; surprisingly, it moves when you hover over it!

In the same section, site visitors can find the social media icons below and the navigation menu up top. A shopping cart is included, so this personal page doubles as an e-commerce website, too!

Scrolling further down, the designer decided to highlight his awards and recognitions through badge-style icons that spin when the cursor hits them. Great for establishing credibility from the get-go!

Underneath this section is a proper introduction to Brady’s professional background, core values, and mission. Parallel to this text description, visitors can marvel at more neon circles that serve as text blocks for the services being offered.

To showcase his work, the designer made the previews massive and realistic, almost like billboards standing beside one another.

For an even more significant impact, these gigantic figures are accompanied by large slogans that read “let’s rethink the future” and “the revolution will now be digitized” scattered all over the homepage.

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7. Dave Seidman’s Portfolio

[Source: Dave Seidman]

Standout Features:

  • Responsive portfolio slider
  • 3D illustrations in the background
  • Door-style presentation

Dave Seidman’s portfolio pushes the boundary when designing a personal website. How so?

For starters, his site is free from menus, sections, pages, and other usual site navigations. Instead, he created a slider with individual displays for all of his projects. Each is presented using a unique color, set of icons, and a spinning 3D illustration of a specific output.

Site visitors can use this slider to view the projects one by one. When you click on a display, it opens up a trapezoidal door to reveal more information about the piece. In the said space, the designer shares an in-depth explanation of the project.

Using a dark background for this section is a wise choice, too. It helps balance out the colorful moving image in the environment.

Of course, the slider has a dedicated display for the designer’s information. Like the rest of the items, he used outlined icons for his profile, social media accounts, and, most importantly – his resume.

8. Charaf Eddine Craft

[Source: Charaf Eddine Craft]

Standout Features:

  • Futuristic, in-game design
  • Voiceover introduction
  • Characterized virtual assistant

If you want to see the future of personal websites, look at this cyborg-inspired work profile by Charaf Eddine Craft (CECraft).

Visiting the page is like entering a game or a spacecraft of sorts. The site has an entrance page that displays the designer’s logo, a cookie management notice, and a flash warning. Personal branding, check!

When visitors hit “Start”, they are greeted by CECraft’s virtual assistant, SBOW7. In a robotic voice, he explains the designer/developer’s work background and services and gives navigation directions. It’s like having your own JARVIS (Iron Man reference!).

If users missed this, there’s a replay button on the side and a readable transcript of the full introduction. There are also additional buttons that let visitors explore more about his services and fields of expertise.

Lastly, the “Hire Me” button in red sits at the bottom of the page. When clicked, it displays CECraft’s hiring status to let the viewers know about his availability.

9. Kamakaku

[Source: Kamakaku]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and minimalist web portfolio
  • Easy and simple navigation
  • Banner-style awards and recognitions

Kamakuku is a personal brand for Marcus Engel that represents his areas of expertise: branding strategy and web design/development. The term means “creativity,” and this unique website design brings that to life.

The homepage features an eccentric headshot of the designer along whiteface. Below this, a CTA button that reads “experience creativity here” redirects site visitors to the expert’s work portfolio. There, the projects are neatly presented in framed text and image blocks that show more details when the cursor hits them.

The navigation bar lets viewers easily jump to the designer’s background, services offered, and contact window. It also displays a shortened logo illustration along with a bright yellow “creative designer & developer.” A great way to constantly remind the viewers about his expertise!

At the bottom of the page, they can find more ways to connect with Kamakuku via social media, email, and phone icons with just one click.

10. Harold AO

[Source: Harold AO]

Standout Features:

  • Large bold texts and headlines
  • Catchy CTAs and taglines
  • Sticky navigation menu

Harold AO is a young, self-taught creative who dabbles in various fields like web development, graphic design, and video animation. It’s not every day we get to meet an 18-year-old professional designer and a highly experienced one at that.

Looking at his website is quite a surprise. In contrast to the typical resume-style pages we see often, he used an edgy and contemporary approach to presenting his work.

The site launches with a massive text banner that reads “web developer + designer.” Below, he added a short description stating his years of experience in these fields. Young as he is, credibility is immediately established with such a straightforward approach.

Using a silhouette image instead of a professionally-shot studio portrait also made the site more modern, unique, and visually stimulating.

As site visitors scroll through the homepage, they can get a more in-depth view of Harold’s personal background, work experience, and philosophy. One noticeable design aspect is that he used super large fonts for the headers and titles. This makes a bold statement, emphasizing the essential areas and filling up the negative space.

Another smart move is adding catchy and friendly lines to balance out “say hello, I won’t bite” with emojis to bring out the designer’s fun and youthful personality, effectively showcasing the designer’s fun and young character.

This is the way to do it if you want to be approachable while still keeping things professional!

11. Luke Greenaway

[Source: Luke Greenaway]

Standout Features:

  • Single-page design
  • Portfolio slideshow banner
  • Fluid website animations

Luke Greenaway is a UK-based web and digital designer with extensive industry experience, beautifully reflected in this sleek, modern, and future-forward website.

The single-page presentation displays all the essentials. Site visitors can simply scroll through the entire webpage to discover the designer’s story, career journey, portfolio and leads.

At the very top sits a minimalist “LG” logo for personal branding, along with the designer’s personal details, availability, and navigation menu details. As you head down the page, a sticky sidebar label and external link to the designer’s awards and recognitions pop up.

Staying true to the edgy dark theme, he used bold white fonts and grayscale images which translated to simple sophistication. He also added transitions, animations, and emojis to add some life to the monochrome aesthetic.

When you get to the bottom of the page, the theme completely shifts to a lighter one to reveal a “let’s work together” CTA button.

12. Aspectify Design

[Source: Aspectify Design]

Standout Features:

  • Upfront personal introduction
  • Animated website elements
  • Dark-themed and sleek UI

Aspectify Design is a personal website that opens up in three simple words: freelance graphic designer.

It’s quite a no-frills introduction; these words are the first things that site visitors see when they step onto the website. Below this big banner is a short description saying that Aspectify is a UK-based agency offering top-notch design and branding services.

Even without scrolling through pages, this section alone already makes a mark!

Those who want to dig deeper only need to scroll down the entire page to learn more about the designer. The homepage houses extensive information about the designer’s personal background, brand story, work process, and so on.

They also added quick links on each section, like social media pages and work samples, for easier access!

What’s more impressive about this site is how the designer presented his work. At the bottom of the homepage, there are several navigation buttons for the portfolio pieces, neatly categorized according to industry and service.

And if site visitors get lost in the mix, they can simply click the sticky hamburger menu to visit a specific page.

Regarding color choices, using light typography against a dark theme made the website modern, professional and easy on the eyes.

They also incorporated a handful of animated website elements such as graphics, crawlers, and emojis. These dynamic visuals added life to the site and saved the monochromatic theme from being a little too plain and static.

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