10 Website Designs with Stunning Visuals that Promise High Engagement

10 Website Designs with Stunning Visuals that Promise High Engagement
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: January 02, 2023

Coming up with a website worth browsing through is everything but simple. Website design needs to align with many underlying rules, while still focused on representing and addressing your target audience’s problems and solutions.

However, even when these common requirements are met, there’re many websites that fail to generate traffic because they ignore one simple truth of the modern world – we are a visually-driven world. So, without professional web designers who make your site feel like they’ve entered a room that’s worth their time, it’s difficult to expect good results.

But what type of visuals can you implement to make it work? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a list of web designs with incredible visuals to help you find the needed inspiration:

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1. Vilmar Fernandes

website visuals
[Source: Vilmar Fernandes]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic elements
  • Simple and direct
  • Intuitive user interface

Vilmar Fernandes is a UX/UI and Product Designer based in São Paulo with extensive industry experience. The designer’s website design speaks volumes about Vilmar’s comprehension of the “less is more” notion.

Without any excessive elements clouding the platform, the design jumps straight to the case by showcasing the most prominent case studies. This ‘slideshow’ is portrayed through two simple dynamic elements: the underlined typography naming the client and a high-resolution picture related to the project. The red circle surrounding your cursor is the tiny addition that breaks the monochrome monotony.

Rather than bombarding you with unwanted options, the website design focuses on a textual and visual representation of who he is and what he does best through two available sections: “work” and “about.” Next to them, Vilmar left the email address so you can contact him.

2. Josiah

visual websites
[Source: Josiah]

Standout Features:

  • Light-colored wallpaper background
  • Interactive elements
  • The cursor gradient effect

Josiah is Etuk Josiah Benjamin's portfolio website. This software engineer bases his operations in Lagos, Nigeria where he tries to devise groundbreaking innovative solutions to various development issues.

The website design relies on simple aesthetics based on a light-colored wallpaper-like background and a black, funky typography style. The cursor hovering activates the blobby gradient effect full of eye-candy soothing colors. As you scroll through the website, you’re met with a short “about me” section prompting you to head over to this section where you can find extensive information on Josiah.

Further below, you’ll encounter a visual representation of his past work. As you hover over each picture, they “come to life” as the pictures tilt towards the angle of your cursor position, forming a 3D effect. Each is a clickable shortcut to an engaging and thorough case study page.

Finally, if you’re not fond of all the light, the website design offers the night mode option that’s easily accessible in the top right corner, enhancing the user experience even more.

3. Australian Men's Shed Assoc. by Redback Solutions

stunning visuals
[Source: Redback Solutions]

Standout Features:

  • Comprehensive homepage
  • Clear section division
  • Accessible readability

The Australian Men’s Shed Association is the national service provider to shed owners throughout Australia. Redback Solutions, the agency that designed AMSC’s website, ensured that it reflects the communal spirit that governs this organization.

The homepage is anything but uninformative and limited. In fact, the interchangeable white and green color palette makes up for a comprehensive structural division. The top bar is full of pathways that let you learn more about the organization itself. In contrast, the one directly below it grants you navigation through the organization’s practical use(s).

The website design’s clear section division improves the overall readability, and the content is diverse. It includes video presentations, galleries, news, and key results highlighted in red.

4. Top Cosmetics by SUIT

stunning websites
[Source: SUIT]

Standout Features:

  • Gentle and relaxing atmosphere
  • Detailed sections
  • Clear brand representation

Top Cosmetics is one of the leading beauty brands in Ukraine with over 15 years of experience, primarily known for exceptional facial cosmetology but also for their products that help refresh the face and body. The brand contracted SUIT to help them translate their identity to the online public through a soothing web design.

The homepage depicts a lady relaxing at one of the treatments and a quick description of the brand on the right. As you scroll, you’ll find you’ve entered a world of relaxation filled with soothing pastel colors that let you explore your options effortlessly. The background, headlines, and links are all colored lilac, pink, or purple, further emphasizing the gentle environment of the website.

There’s a comprehensive description of the brand’s key services, each accompanied by a cute little illustration portraying what the client can expect from the procedure. Beneath the detailed services menu, a distinctive section depicting all of the Top Cosmetics brands is pointed out through a card menu.

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5. unreality check by Keita Takemura

best visual websites
[Source: Keita Takemura]

Standout Features:

  • A unique concept
  • Deliberately imperfect
  • A simplistic listicle layout

Unreality check is a retouch studio that celebrates imperfections and polished products. Rather than conform to the always-shifting trends, this studio is keen on staying authentic. The vision is brought to life online thanks to the work of Keita Takemura and his unique website design.

This distinctive website takes the form of an on-purpose, simplistic design that takes the word “minimal” to the next level. There’s no scrolling on the homepage – only three options: head to the portfolio section, read blogs, or go to their Instagram profile. So, once you enter the portfolio section, you’re on the “real” homepage.

The feeling is that this webpage is deliberately conceptualized bluntly and simply. There’s a fixed menu on the left to remind you what the unreality check is about and the address at the bottom. Then there’s a single horizontal divider that introduces the right side of the portfolio page that takes the form of an Excel sheet filled with unfiltered textual descriptions of each project. Hovering above any project instantly generates a teaser image related to it, prompting you to click and explore the full version.

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6. Bitmax by Clean Commit

visually stunning websites
[Source: Clean Commit]

Standout Features:

  • A textured background
  • A cool visual presence representation
  • Multimedia communication

Bitmax is a leader in digital media management with a prominent and successful decades-long history supporting content owners and digital distributors. They contracted Clean Commit to design a website that aligns with their image – great customer experience and entertainment.

This website is diverse and imaginative, all the while maintaining a professional look and feel to it. The background is textured and the left side of the screen is decorated with a subtle gradient effect built on the shades of red. The navbar is fixed on the top, so you can easily head over to a different section, even if you get lost browsing through this user-friendly interface.

The layout has a spot for everything, including the client representation through their logos, an automated carousel of movie posters associated with Bitmax, and the four pillar services this company offers below the carousel.

But that’s not all. The cool website visuals include a dynamic, spotty world map that lets you know where all their offices are while simultaneously tickling your imagination regarding your limitless content distribution.

7. Tinloof

high visuals websites
[Source: Tinloof]

Standout Features:

  • A black-and-white classic
  • Clear depiction of the client section
  • Expressive typography

To improve your online customer experience through fantastic technical solutions, you should check out Tinloof. As you journey through their website design, you’ll find out why they’re one of the best at their job.

The website design steers clear of overly aggressive visuals – it highlights the usability instead. The elegant classic black-and-white solution gives off a relaxing yet professional vibe. The design makes wonderful use of positive space and positions all of its typography elaborately.

You can shift through a carousel-like gallery of their most prominent case studies or click on them and delve deep into the details. Or you can keep scrolling to get a glance at all their past customers and read industry-related blogs or testimonials. And if you need to “travel” fast, you can always rely on the subtle fixed menu in the top right corner with the most important sections one click away.

8. Juniper Mountain House by Ember Method

awesome website designs
[Source: Ember Method]

Standout Features:

  • Stunning natural photography
  • A fixed hamburger menu
  • Multimedia brand presentation

Juniper Mountain House is a luxurious hotel and gathering space based in the foothills of Evergreen, Colorado. The complex's limitless leisure and relaxation possibilities are visually represented by Ember Method, through its engaging web design.

The homepage immediately delights you with a photograph of the thick forest, making you stop and enjoy the view for a second. The first section divider is a white “pamphlet,” reminding you of all the activities this spot has to offer.

The established flow is preserved with other stunning photographs of this natural treasure, and there’s also a video tour granting you a glimpse of the experience. Then there’s the fixed hamburger menu in the top right corner - a convenient feature you can rely on to shuffle through the website.

Further below, there’s a lengthy list of sliding testimonials full of word-of-mouth recommendations and experience sharing.

9. Duling Hall by Mad Genius

Website Designs with Stunning Visuals
[Source: Mad Genius]

Standout Features:

  • Unconventional scrolling experience
  • Astonishing virtual tour
  • Inviting call to action

Duling Hall is one of those venues you want to visit from the moment you stumble upon their website. This historic space for various social occasions owes its magnificent web design to Mad Genius.

The left border of your screen is reserved for the logo in the top left corner and the transformable menu takes up the rest of the space divided by simple thick black lines. The layout is chaotically geometrical, consisting of sections that vary in size. The wacky cool part of this website is that your scrolling experience goes from left to right rather than from top to bottom.

When you go to the section that lets you learn more about the venue, you’re met with an awesome mixture of digital art and real-life photos from various occasions – showcasing the full glory of this historic spot. Then you’re presented with a list of features and suggestions for your special day.

Finally, the footer section ends with a Broadway-style announcement that lures you to contact the Duling Hall team.

10. Impression

Website Design with Stunning Visuals
[Source: Impression]

Standout Features:

  • On-brand color scheme
  • Stylish typography
  • Micro-interactions

Impression is a Yorkshire-based web design agency that prides itself on crafting stunning online environments using data-driven methods. Their specialty - extraordinary, user and conversion-focused websites are best showcased on their site.

Impression web design is custom-tailored to suit average or more meticulous user journeys. The balance of minimalistic trends with a slew of micro-interactions and subtle animation is bound to amaze every visitor, prospective client, or lost soul who looks for impressionable aesthetics.

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