14 Best About Us Pages to Inspire Your Brand

14 Best About Us Pages to Inspire Your Brand
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: February 04, 2024

The user journey's first and most critical step is getting to know a brand, expert, or agency. And we all know where that starts: the website’s About page.

Site visitors head to the About page to learn more about your business or professional background. It’s their primary source of information to look into your credibility, philosophy, competence, and your work ethic.

How you introduce yourself decides whether or not you can meet potential clients, customers, or collaborators.

But what makes an About page good?

It’s not just about putting your bio on a single page and calling it a day. If that were the case you wouldn't need the aid of dedicated professionals. No, in fact, a good About page combines the best elements of design, content, and user experience to tell a unique and meaningful brand story (Learn why branding is important).

Want some ideas? Get inspired by these marvelous examples of the best about us pages from various agencies, business websites, and online portfolios!

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1. Firefly by Emtisquare

good about us pages
[Source: Firefly]

Standout Features:

  • Concise About Us section
  • Drop-down content
  • Interactive website features

Firefly is rocking this single-page website layout courtesy of web design studio Emtisquare. It’s creative, fluid, and most of all – user-friendly!

But among its stellar qualities, we can’t keep our eyes off the website’s About page. Unlike most webpages with a dedicated page for their company or business profile, Firefly went for a more streamlined design.

Its About Us page is reduced to a section, with just two containers for “Who We Are” and “What We Do.” Users can click the plus or minus buttons to reveal the one-liner description.

As seen here, the company doesn’t beat around the bush. Their content is straightforward, leaving no room for confusion or space for the user to lose interest in what they are reading.

Clean and concise – that’s the way to go.

After all, websites want to keep users engaged. It helps that Firefly’s website has a lot of interactive elements and animations too (Browse other animated website designs)!

2. Martyna Kosowska’s Online Portfolio

Best About Us Pages to Inspire Your Brand
[Source: Martyna Kosowska]

Standout Features:

  • Personal and professional background
  • Stunning image slider
  • Accessible contact section

Creating a great About Me section is significant for Creatives. Collaborators and prospective clients visit this page, potentially sparking a partnership.

Just look at Martyna Kosowska’s spin on it!

She greets users with a friendly “Hello! It’s nice to see you here!” before talking about her field of expertise and specializations. This bite-sized content is the perfect starter for a beautiful collaboration.

Adding a personal touch to About pages is always a great idea, giving viewers a peek into the person’s character. And it makes you more approachable! The designer also embedded an image slider showcasing stunning portraits and picturesque shots of the places she’s traveled.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a dedicated Contact section, making it easy for collaborators to get in touch and start a project. Plus, the designer added links to her professional social media profiles for easier networking!

3. Michael Sagirov’s About Page

Best About Us Pages
[Source: Michael Sagirov]

Standout Features:

  • Badge-style awards and recognitions
  • Easy-to-read page content
  • Fluid animations and transitions

If you’re gunning for a long and comprehensive About Us page for your portfolio or brand, make sure it’s exciting and interactive enough to make your site visitors stick around.

Here’s a great example – Michael Sagirov’s About page. Icons, interactive elements, animations, and easy-to-read content come together to deliver a seamless browsing experience!

Establishing credibility is a MUST for every design agency, and this website did a great job. The studio’s level of expertise and accomplishment speaks in numbers and badges – all neatly displayed in several sections.

The page briefly explains Michael Sagirov’s background, in the beginning, then spreads out into various content blocks that dive deep into the studio’s services and specializations. Although the page is rich in content, they’ve been broken down into numerous containers and sections for an easier read.

Plus, it helps that the site makes excellent use of whitespace to avoid a clunky layout. The animations - from text crawlers to color-changing sections - add great aesthetic value too!

4. Ace Studio’s About Page

Best About Us Page Design
[Source: Ace Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Outlined content in a tabular layout
  • FAQ section
  • Dedicated page for awards and honors

If you want your About page to look pristine and professional but highly engaging simultaneously, take some inspiration from Ace Studio’s website.

Even in a few lines, the design agency can convey the essentials of a good About Us page – a unique brand story, mission, values, and purpose.

The “Our Process” part is awe-inspiring; it details Ace Studio’s four-step methodology concisely. Throwing in keywords and explaining them in short text descriptions did the trick! They left no stones unturned here yet still managed to keep everything condensed.

Design-wise, the table-style layout also made the text easy to read and everything else look neat and organized.

Another table also sits at the bottom of the page – a FAQ section. Each question is a container. One click and users can get the answer.

Apart from the list of accomplishments and accolades at the very end, there’s also a button that redirects site visitors to a dedicated page detailing Ace Studio’s awards and recognitions.

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5. Stolen Panda’s About Us Page

best about pages
[Source: Stolen Panda]

Standout Features:

  • Short and sweet professional profile
  • On-brand visuals
  • Multiply CTAs for engagement

Freelancers, take notes! Freelance graphic designer Stolen Panda exemplifies what a good About page looks like - clean, informative, professional, and approachable. And it sparks engagement!

The designer starts by highlighting his core philosophy: to “design, create, and innovate.” Using impactful and catchy one-liners like this instantly hooks the site visitor and attracts a potential collaborator.

This statement is further enriched in the “Our Story” section, wherein the expert shares his personal and professional journey in greater detail.

Along these lines, they also inserted bits and pieces of their significant projects and case studies, effectively establishing credibility.

But here’s the best part – the CTAs. There’s a “Get in Touch” content block, a contact button, and another at the bottom of the page containing social media icons. These are great for getting those instant bookings, connections, and partnerships!

6. Studio Stein’s Website

best about page
[Source: Studio Stein]

Standout Features:

  • Short bio, stats, and figures
  • Dedicated service pages
  • Engaging contact web form

Studio Stein’s About page contains all the essentials: an in-depth look into their particular areas of expertise.

Sure, we love websites about their background, core values, and accomplishments. That’s a standard. But when they dive deeper and explain their services in fuller detail? Even better!

The studio’s four key specializations - branding, social media, sites, and marketing strategy - are divided into different content blocks. One look and users get a full page that provides extensive information complete with processes and case studies.

Site visitors can learn more about the company’s philosophy by scrolling further down. There’s a section that explains Studio Stein’s collective work ethic and how their process can achieve the best results for the client.

But among those things, here’s what’s great about this page: a simple and approachable contact web form. Users can enter their name and email address to reach out.

It also extends a friendly invitation, “Shall we have a coffee?”

7. Merkelijkheid’s Website

awesome about us pages
[Source: Merkelijkheid]

Standout Features:

  • Comprehensive About page and team highlights
  • A handful of CTA buttons
  • Company portraits, snapshots, and videos

Showcasing company culture is just as attractive as credibility is to potential clients. On Merkelijkheid’s About page, the marketing agency made sure to put their team under the spotlight – and it instantly builds a connection with the site visitor!

The basics include a short yet all-encompassing company profile, a powerful philosophy, and a unique value proposition. All boxes ticked!

But what takes this page up a notch are the team highlights. Several sections are dedicated to capturing the company’s team dynamic through various visuals – from the embedded video showcasing a day in the life of a Merkelijkheid employee to the professional portraits.

CTA buttons spark engagement, and this page maximized that well. Numerous interactive prompts like “view our portfolio” and “what our clients say” urge visitors to explore more about the website. The signup and contact buttons below also help initiate that instant partnership!

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8. Adrien Reveleau’s Website

beat about us pages design
[Source: Adrien Reveleau]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and minimalist layout
  • Uniform typography
  • Straightforward bio section

Great artists often let the work speak for itself – no added frills, thrills, and other flashy styles to elevate the quality. Exhibit A: Adrien Reveleau’s minimalist and stripped-back portfolio website.

It’s proof that a simple yet sophisticated web design has the power to spark curiosity and reel people in.

Here, we have a straightforward About page with just the right amount of edginess.

Unlike most websites with scrollable pages, interactive features, and animations, the French art director’s bio page sports a single-page design that contains the essentials: who he is, what he does, and what he’s good at.

The social media and portfolio links below are great additions, too!

The monochromatic theme, fixed text alignment, and uniform typography brought everything together. Plus, it made the page look sharp, professional, and industrial.

9. Ananas Media by Ozge Keles

[Source: Ananas Media]

Standout Features:

  • Gradient background
  • Services section
  • Loud typography

As part of the web design for Ananas Media, Ozge Keles ensured that the platform features an excellent and practical About page.

With a purple gradient background, it's easy for the white content to stand out. The text has relatively bigger font sizes, but the headers are larger and have louder typography, seamlessly grabbing the viewer's attention while preserving hierarchy.

Rather than focusing solely on the company's team and story, this page features the brand's services in one section. The page opens with an informative brand introduction, then proceeds to an extensive services menu, finishing with a contrasting red contact form.

10. Incandescent Creative

[Source: Incandescent Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Creative brand mission copy
  • Incredible photography
  • Legible typography

Incandescent Creative believes inspiration, personal values, and drive are essential to a business's success. They communicated this belief on their website's About page through creative copy and a well-balanced layout.

The page opens with a manifesto that helps browsers grasp the author's motivation and work style. Scrolling down, an image of the ocean takes the whole screen, dividing the sections and offering a picturesque content break. This also serves as a transitional design, going through the next section of the page that displays the brand's purpose.

Below this, the page introduces the genius behind the brand. The brand story lies on a beige background, surrounded by fantastic photography. The images on the bottom half of the page complement the light background, while the text is dark to make it stand out.

11. Red Clay Creative

[Source: Red Clay Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Creative and minimalist
  • Dynamic illustrations
  • Visible borders

Red Clay Creative takes a different approach to its About page, one that's minimal yet elegant, providing snippets of the team's creative flow.

While there's a vast amount of positive space, the light-colored circles add a certain artistic flair to the website design. Moreover, the thin, visible borders make the layout look more organized.

As you scroll down, you'll find subtle and dynamic animations that make the scrolling journey more engaging. The animations add color and life to the page while maintaining that minimalist charm that makes this page stand out. Check out some of the best web designs with visible borders here.

12. Morales Design

[Source: Morales Design]

Standout Features:

  • Green as an accent color
  • Modern, minimal illustrations and icons
  • Services and expertise section

Decluttered and professional, Morales Design's About page is straightforward and informative. The monochromatic page uses green as an accent color, making the design lively and active.

The main copy is supported by a colorful illustration of two people dressed in formal office attire and shaking hands, seemingly closing a deal. It's not in the usual green-black-white color combination, but it's a welcome pop of color on the overall website design. This design visually communicates the company's commitment to its partners and clients.

Below the fold, right before the footer section, visitors can see the agency's services. This part features an image overlaid with a transparent black shade, emphasizing the text in white. We also see here the accent color green used for checklists and checkboxes.

13. OM4


Standout Features:

  • Blue and white-themed
  • Great use of positive space
  • Contact form

OM4's About page skips on the long text about an agency and instead uses the page to introduce their team members to potential clients, adding a personal touch to the page.

The blue background on the photos matches the blue gradient tones of the website for a uniform look.

To keep the page from looking too monochromatic, small colorful circles and colored icons add small pops of color. Their laidback yet professional approach is seen through rounded corners and playful icons.

Another sign of confidence in their abilities is the direct contact form below the team profiles and an assertive CTA designed to attract new clients.


[Source: CHRLY DSIGN®]

Standout Features:

  • Smooth transitions
  • Text-centered
  • Large headers

CHRLY DSIGN®'s About page isn't your typical About page – it's simple and monochromatic yet impactful.

Unlike typical websites with colorful text and large images to introduce the brand, this About page design switches between white and black backgrounds. Its text-centered approach piques our curiosity to scroll further.

However, the star of this design is the clever use of dynamic text that keeps the scrolling journey fresh and exciting. Not all sections have the same animation, so you're enticed to keep scrolling and see what awaits you next.

The smooth transition starts with a large header and a short, compelling copy that discusses the company's best practices, mission statements, and shared values.

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