10 Best Interactive Web Designs That Increase Site Retention

10 Best Interactive Web Designs That Increase Site Retention
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: February 18, 2024

From seamless navigation to jaw-dropping visuals, we've gathered the best interactive website designs that encourage engagement and more site visits.

Read on and discover how the top-rated web design companies elevate online experience through these interactive masterpieces.

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1. AI Platform by Ahmed Al-Kheerow

[Source: Ahmed Al-Kheerow]

Standout Features:

  • Dark theme
  • Thin lines
  • Glossy typeface

Ahmed Al-Kheerow showcased his creative skills through a website landing page design for an AI Platform.

Dark, modern, and clean, the design combines a pitch-black background and thin lines that decorate the bottom half of the composition. Similar silver outlines are on the extensive central visual, complementing the surrounding vertical lines.

The glossy typeface strikes the perfect balance between cleanliness and style, and the creative boundaries are moved further by having different shapes for buttons.

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2. Hanson Wu

[Source: Hanson Wu]

Standout Features:

  • Stylish background with grain effect
  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Interactive dynamic elements

Hanson Wu’s website design offers a playful browsing experience that captures his unique style and showcases his expertise. It features a horizontal scrolling experience that increases browsers' intrigue to explore more.

Section titles, such as Projects, Experience, and Certifications, are in bold pink font, standing out in the predominantly monochromatic color scheme. All the sections are characterized by a stylish background with a grain effect, giving the page a rusty glow.

The layout has several interactive elements, allowing users to play with visuals by moving their cursor.

3. Friesday by Konfiture

[Source: Friesday]

Standout Features:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Distinctive cursor effect
  • Incredible display of colors

Calling all gourmands to the Friesday web design! Konfiture’s work marks an explosion of colors set on a single-page website with cool interactive effects and creative storytelling to engage with the users.

Precise and direct, the design is easy to navigate, thanks to the fixed navigation bar above. The welcome section features heavy yellow, pink, and red typography against a deep blue background, representing the diverse cuisine options!

It also features a distinctive cursor effect that “leaves stickers behind” as you move the cursor around, getting the browsers’ spirits up before they begin exploring the site.

4. NUEVA by Maria Vargas

[Source: NUEVA]

Standout Features:

  • Black and red color palette
  • Intriguing vibe
  • Game-like visuals

Maria Vargas’ web design for Nueva.Tech features a limited color palette with striking visuals. The black and red palette gives off an intriguing vibe, enticing browsers to scroll further and discover what the page has in store.

The design features heavy red typography with headlines presented horizontally and vertically. Red also outlines sections via thin lines, adding character to the layout.

Lastly, the website design resembles a gamified interface. Aside from the illustrations on the homepage, its game-like theme is made more prominent on the website's About page. The page introduces the team through creative avatars of cartoon and anime characters.

5. Dave Holloway

[Source: Dave Holloway]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and well-organized
  • Cursor effects
  • Large illustrations

Dave Holloway’s website design marks a fine line between playfulness and professionalism. The enthralling hero section includes a small playground for the browsers to toggle between dark and light modes and transform the heavy typography into a three-dimensional (3D) movable model.

However, once the scrolling begins, the design transforms into a clean, well-organized layout that relies on the vast positive space to emphasize the portfolio.

Moreover, the homepage displays large illustrations of the client's case studies. Hovering over said illustrations triggers interactive cursor effects, prompting the browsers’ curiosity and inviting them to click on them. Once clicked, they will get redirected to the specific project's page.

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6. Jimmy Richardson

[Source: Jimmy Richardson]

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward and user-friendly
  • Thematic toggle
  • Intriguing background visuals

Straightforward but not overwhelming, Jimmy Richardson’s portfolio website design creates a pleasant atmosphere for various browsers, balancing essential information and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

The layout has a single-color background that can be toggled according to preferences, with a default dark theme in a dark brown shade and a brighter reddish-orange hue for those who prefer a striking background.

The design features a fixed animation of moving hands on the bottom left side of the screen, following users as they scroll. Browsers can also find background visuals triggered by hovering their cursor over different projects, each showing a designated teaser project photo in the background.

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7. KAYENTA by Báchoo

[Source: KAYENTA]

Standout Features:

  • Heavy, bold typography
  • Logo-based visuals
  • Dynamic and interactive elements

Created by Báchoo, KAYENTA’s web design delivers a captivating user journey with cool colors, heavy typography, and dynamic elements.

Most moving visuals draw inspiration from the brand’s logo design, a bundle of squiggly lines. From the large animated purple lines across the screen to small circles decorating certain sections of the page, these elements entice visitors to scroll further.

Lastly, the design ensures clear and direct communication thanks to heavy, bold typography to signify critical points.

8. RAYTH by RedSquirrel

[Source: RAYTH]

Standout Features:

  • Clean color combination
  • Single-page web design
  • Extensive positive space

RedSquirrel’s website design for RAYTH combines clean colors, simple geometric outlines, legible typography, and an attention-grabbing red to add contrast.

This single-page web design relies on the fixed navigation bar on top to help browsers through sections quickly. The layout builds an easy-to-follow and coherent brand story, showcasing essential details about the client, such as their process, reviews, and past works.

While the case studies are presented in a vertical scrollable photo gallery, there’s also a video showreel to deliver some action to the users. Many intriguing visuals, custom graphs, and charts rely on the red accent color to highlight all the significant business aspects and buttons.

With extensive positive space, these red markers are easy to spot and immediately grab attention.

9. Solar Journey by Julian Fella

[Source: Solar Journey]

Standout Feature:

  • Cosmic atmosphere
  • Rotating, realistic 3D models
  • Creative planetary introduction

Immerse yourself in an interplanetary journey as you explore the Solar Journey website, designed by Julian Fella.

The educational website showcases a fascinating view of our source of life, the Sun, and all the planets in our solar system within a realistic cosmic atmosphere.

Each planet (or star) features a realistic 3D model that users can rotate, comparing its size, position, and spacing between two or more planets.

The central models are equipped with content on either side, with the left side containing the main physical characteristics of the planet and the right side entailing a short description of the planet.

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10. Zeitler Design

[Source: Zeitler Design]

Standout Feature:

  • Minimalist design
  • Calming blue shades
  • Custom font style

The Zeitler Design website is a clean online platform that goes easy on the eyes thanks to its minimalist yet chic design.

Like the borders, the website’s colors highlight different shades of blue. This includes the typography, visuals, buttons, the cursor, and special characters that decorate the layout.

The custom font style gives a whimsical and elegant vibe, accentuated by the subtle illustrations and symbols across the website. Despite the curves and stylized letters on the glyphs, the font is large and legible. Check out some of the best web designs with visible borders here.

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