7 Best Portfolio Web Designs That Excite Every Browser

7 Best Portfolio Web Designs That Excite Every Browser
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Captivating, user-friendly, and utterly unique – discover the essence of exceptional design with our list of the best portfolio pages across different industries. Find out how some of the best web design companies made them stand out.

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1. Brandi Lyn Interiors by Arianna Vernier

Brandi Lyn Interiors portfolio web design
[Source: Brandi Lyn Interiors]

Standout Features:

  • Classy and approachable
  • Muted color palette
  • Visual storytelling

If you're looking for an interior decorator that brings your feng shui to life, check out Arianna Vernier's website design for Brandi Lyn Interiors.

Classy and approachable, this design emphasizes Brandi's strong points through simplistic yet professional case studies within a geometric layout.

The design has a muted palette that alludes to the author's aesthetic preferences and establishes a stylistic expectation with the clients.

With sparse typography, the web design primarily lets the visuals take the storyteller's role. Each teaser provides several more images of the design in its sub-section, offering a sneak peek at the design style!

2. Joanne Modica Interior Design by LAIDLAW GROUP

Joanne Modica Interior Design portfolio web design
[Source: Joanne Modica Interior Design]

Standout Features:

  • Prominent hero section
  • Clean and linear layout
  • Gallery-style presentation

LAIDLAW GROUP's design for Joanne Modica Interior Design's portfolio website features a prominent hero section featuring a slideshow of stunning images.

Like these clean website design examples, the agency organized the portfolio section neatly. They displayed the works in a gallery-style fashion, each represented by a clickable image that redirects visitors to its dedicated case study page.

3. Fiona Robertson Graphics

Fiona Robertson Graphics portfolio web design
[Source: Fiona Robertson Graphics]

Standout Features:

  • Soothing header section
  • Case study walkthrough
  • Clean layout

Fiona Robertson Graphics' portfolio page provides a clean layout that users can browse easily, focusing solely on the projects.

The header section's teal background is a nice pop of color to the predominantly white layout. It features a top shot of a coffee mug, potted plant, and pencil, enticing browsers to take their time, "grab a cuppa," and browse the portfolio.

Any clickable case study leads the browsers to a separate page where they can go through the project in greater detail. Additional photos and a short description give browsers more insight into each project, providing more information on Fiona's work style and process.

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4. Mel Waite Photography by Designerbloom

Mel Waite Photography portfolio web design
[Source: Mel Waite Photography]

Standout Features:

  • Homey and inviting
  • Zoom in effect
  • Straightforward presentation

Designerbloom's web design for Mel Waite Photography's portfolio page is a beautiful and inviting presentation. With sparse typography, this minimalist layout banks on the brand's family-themed photography collection.

There's no spacing between photos, so the image view creates an interesting collage-like ensemble. With three images in each row, hovering over one gives it a zoomed-in effect, while clicking allows you to view the full-sized one, offering a slideshow experience. Helpful arrows also make browsing the entire gallery easy without leaving the page.

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5. Nicolette Leigh Creative

Nicolette Leigh Creative portfolio web design
[Source: Nicolette Leigh Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Portfolio menu
  • Large texts
  • Conversational Mockups section

Rather than grouping the diverse portfolio under a single umbrella, Nicolette Leigh Creative segments the works inside a portfolio menu with five folders in big blue typeface.

Whether you're interested in web designs, logos, social media posts, or illustrations, these sections feature wordless galleries that portray the sample work on a clean, white slate.

However, the Mockups section slightly diverges from the four sections mentioned above as it entails a conversational tone with a question addressing the viewer. The page then presents several sample images and a CTA button for collaboration.

6. Harriet Bird Photography by Anna Pumer

Harriet Bird Photography portfolio web design
[Source: Harriet Bird Photography]

Standout Features:

  • Extensive gallery
  • Introductory text
  • Clear CTA button

Anna Pumer's work for Harriet Bird Photography's wedding portfolio page features a collage of past works in varied image sizes.

Upon entering the page, visitors are welcomed by a simple introductory text about the photographer's work style. Succeeding this is an extensive collage of the artist's past works.

Finally, an orange CTA button below the prominent gallery is eye-catching enough to not be missed. It increases the possibility of connection with prospects.

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7. Studio Luna Co.

Studio Luna Co. portfolio web design
[Source: Studio Luna Co.]

Standout Features:

  • Floating navigation bar
  • Minimal and clean
  • Brief project descriptions

Studio Luna Co.'s portfolio page showcases a minimal solution with excellent use of blank space, allowing the browsers to focus all their attention on the work without being too overwhelming.

The floating navigation bar remains unintrusive while contributing to the user experience, making switching to different pages effortless.

The finished projects are clickable, leading to a separate page that briefly describes the project. In addition, the project page includes more photos of the finished product.

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