Noeinoi Awesome Homepage

Creative Designer Harry Chuang used his skills to craft this beautiful online portfolio. His use of a dark background, high-resolution images, and minimalist concepts demonstrates why he’s an award-winning design guru.

Chuang wastes no time getting right to the point. The introductory home page features a banner image that highlights his work in different industries. Each project within the sliding portfolio is represented with a blue color and outlined by the black background. He uses a subtle horizontal menu to make navigating the sitemap a cinch.

The typography is beautiful, and it matches the simplistic theme of the site. Chuang uses a serif typeface and emphasizes the text with white, black, or color to make the content pop off the page.

Noeinoi Awesome Website Design

Each project banner has an expand button that opens to a project page. Users have the option to either scroll or use the arrow buttons to explore the page. Every project page uses a white backdrop to draw attention to the featured high-resolution images. This approach enhances the UI and UX—one of Chuang’s specialties.

Noeinoi Awesome Menu Design

Users can click on the “Projects” title on the menu bar. They will be brought to a single page site list of Chuang's past works. His masterful use of images and a Javascript, CSS program allows the image to correspond with the highlighted project. For example, the Smart Watch App is highlighted in a mauve color, and the image in the background changes to its corresponding model.

Noeinoi is an awesome website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.

Noeinoi Awesome About Page

Harry Chuang’s “About” page unifies animation, colors, and typography to attract the user’s attention. The background animations are colorful lines and shapes that match each project’s designated color. He uses a large, bold typeface and manipulates the colors in a way that highlights key points of the content.

Chuang’s talent oozes across his website. Its minimalist design, use of a dark background, and organizational sitemap illustrate his award-winning abilities.