Bustle Colorful Homepage

Which hairstyle should you rock this season? Who is your true valentine? Both questions are ones that someone one would find in a magazine.

However, Bustle’s interactive flowcharts have changed the way people look at cutsy magazine quizzes by turning them into maps with that seemingly answers to all of life’s hardlined questions. The site’s user interface has phenomenal concept that allows viewers to turn simple questions into a personalized interaction.

The bright colors, clean lines, and basic illustrations makes the middle box with the day’s question the focal point. The box gets to the point by offering a simple call-to-action button that leads to the quiz. It matches the homepage’s overall theme of a crisp, colorful, minimal design approach.

Bustle Colorful Website Design

Fun pastel colors, clean lines, and basic illustrations draw attention to each questions. Every flowchart is interactive, offering minimal content which allows viewers to feel as though they’re having a philosophical discussion with their best friend.

The questions are provocative, not in nature but in context, forcing thought-provoking answers. Bustle managed to make a viewer feel as though they need to reevaluate their life choices. It’s a smart marketing ploy, because viewers can click on the Bustle logo and be led to lifestyle content that may fit their situation. It may be concerning for the viewer, but it drives foot traffic to the site.

Each flow chart is interactive and uses an advanced JavaScript program to enhance user experience. The top menu bar allows users to visit Bustle’s social media accounts and search for flowcharts using keywords.

Bustle Colorful Website Design

The site uses a deep scroll where viewers can choose a flowchart topic. Each panel features an animated graphic that’s colorful and inviting. The typography is aligned in the center, pulling in the visitor and drawing attention to the call to action button.

Bustle’s site is clean, symmetrical, and fun. It’s like having a sleepover with the ladies so they can gossip about life and boys without actually having to wear pink pajamas or bunny slippers. The content is basic and meaningful. It’s an underlying personalized map of feelings and emotions. Who needs Dr. Laura?

Bustle is a colorful website design in the Entertainment and Fashion & Beauty industries.