One Year In Review Creative Homepage

One is a highly modern design agency that focuses on creating truly captivating and unique digital displays for their clients. This particular site is one such creation they've constructed for themselves. This site is a deep animated scroll that follows a timeline of events on the company's recent history. As users scroll down the page, they grow closer and closer to the end of the year and the most recent events. The design of this home page reflects both the modernity and uniqueness that “One” tries to bring out in everything they do.

The page is full of these nondescript shapes, which flow from the bottom of the screen upward in animation. What's more, the shapes move and spin as you manipulate your nose around them. This responsiveness and modernist abstraction contributes to a design and UX of curiosity and the uncanny. It leaves users wanted to explore, interact, and learn more about the brand and this experience they've created.

This body page of the site exists within the middle interior of the site’s vertical scroll. Here, users can see a variety of past events and projects. Clicking on these listings will bring users to a variety of information about these respective projects and how they were made. What’s more, the floating objects continue throughout the site, and here continue to create this modernist enigma. These elements in unison continue to construct this sites engagingly curious UX. You want to click everything just to see what it is and how it responds.

One Year In Review Creative Website Design

This page is one such accessible landing space from a link on the scrolling timeline. After clicking on a specific event, users are brought to a page like this one. Here they can learn a lot of specific and valuable information about the company and their services. This brings a fullness to the UX by allowing users to satisfy their created curiosity. This demonstrates how designers can build both need and solution to create a complete experience.

One Year In Review is a creative website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.