With only 35% of apps retaining users long-term, one of app designers’ biggest challenges is creating user experiences that increase stickiness. This week’s DesignRush QuickSights explore top app designer’s expert tips on optimizing apps in 2021.

NEW YORK - JULY 13, 2021

Research shows that 1 out of 2 downloaded apps were uninstalled within a month in 2020. In 2021, the average retention rate was 66% after 30 days, which decreased to 48% after 90 days. Annually, only 35% of installed apps retain their users.

According to experts, app design, including user experience and interface, is one of the key contributors to app stickiness.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, leveraged its 9,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the latest trends in app design that incentivize users to return to the app.

App designers recommend:


According to Alisa Naydenova, the UX/UI designer in Roonyx, app design should focus on convenience first and understanding how the user will engage with the application:

  • “You can't chop wood in an evening gown,” said Naydenova. “The app should be like a proper tailor-made outfit; it fits perfectly, and it's comfortable. Understanding the user’s needs, whether they are in a quiet environment or on a busy street, will give them a sense of convenience and a desire to return to the app.”


Rakesh Ranjan, Director of Leadingdots, recommended developing an effective app onboarding experience for new users:

  • “Onboarding sets the tone for the relationship between you and the end-user,” said Ranjan. “A good onboarding process can increase your user lifetime value (LTV) and retention rate when executed correctly. Make your onboarding process as simple and intuitive as possible. The more difficult it is to begin using an app, the more likely users are to abandon it.”


Lyubov Panchenko, business development manager at WebMeridian, said that simple app engagements that allow users to explore content at more detail can be effective in improving user experience.

  • ”When looking at products, people like the freedom to zoom closer, pinch in to see more details, and double-tap,” said Panchenko.

To help businesses develop engaging mobile applications, DesignRush released the July list of the top app design companies:

1. Imaginary Landscape - imagescape.com
2. Roonyx - roonyx.tech
3. Code Inspiration - codeinspiration.pro
4. Leadingdots US - leadingdots.us
5. Capermint Technologies - capermint.com
6. Storm Brain - stormbrain.us
7. WebMeridian - webmeridian.org
8. Reverence Global - reverenceglobal.com
9. Ace Infoway - aceinfoway.com
10. Addevice - addevice.io
11. Éire Graphic Design - graphicdesigneire.ie
12. WQC Design - wqcdesigns.com
13. Wingix - wingix.in

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