Google relies on 200 factors to rank websites. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the biggest SEO myths businesses should leave behind this year.

MIAMI - JUNE 23, 2022

According to Backlinko, 31.7% of all clicks go to the first search result on Google. It suggests that businesses should aim for high spots to drive more organic traffic. However, the search engine uses over 200 factors to rank websites — some are proven to work, while others are myths.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the biggest SEO myths businesses should leave behind this year.


Azuro Digital Owner Daniel Houl suggests that although some SEOs believe tabbed content can have a negative effect on SEO, it actually contributes to a better user experience.

"Some SEOs believe that accordions or tabbed content can have a negative effect on SEO,” said Houl. “However, it doesn’t, unless the content isn’t displayed in the backend code of the page (and it usually is). The fact that tabbed content helps prevent pages from being too lengthy also breaks this myth, contributing to better user experience.”


In the opinion of Prashant Rajput, digital marketing manager at Touchstone Infotech, search engines do not consider the meta description as a key ranking factor anymore after website owners counted on keyword stuffing to increase their rankings.

“One SEO myth to leave behind is “metas are one of the essential factors to get the ranking,” said Rajput. “Google and Bing search engines do not elevate any website ranking based on keywords in the meta description. Because people abused keyword stuffing in metas, both search engines no longer use it as a ranking factor. Consequently, spending too much time on metas will not help.”


As stated by Joey DiGangi, COO of W.D. Strategies, businesses should not trust the misconception that website builders can impact rankings. Instead, they should focus on relevant strategies such as on-page SEO factors to achieve results.

"People have the misconception that you need to use WordPress or some other builder their colleague told them about if you want to rank well,” said DiGangi. “The truth — which came from the CEO of Google, himself — is that using WordPress or Wix or some other platform isn't going to necessarily impact ranking. The site's performance, on-page optimization, metadata and other factors drive your online visibility. We manage several high-ranking sites that are built using different platforms."


NHANCE Digital Director Nirali Pandya claims that SEO is not dead and, in fact, its new algorithm update offers even more powerful features, including the ability to distinguish images in more detail than before.

[The] idea that SEO is dead has been circulating,” said Pandya. “SEO is NOT dead but it is back in a new “Avatar.” The new SEO algorithm update will affect how products are reviewed & ranked. Google’s Cloud Vision can distinguish images in more detail than it did earlier. It can find keywords relating to the pictures. When you’re planning SEO, images will be a critical part of it.”


Content Spotlight Founder Somnath Roy claims that businesses should focus on backlink quality over quantity to increase authority.

“Backlinking should be considered a priority to improve website DA, DR and PA and achieve high search engine rankings,” said Roy. “However, instead of focusing on quantity and buying links from marketing and SEO agencies, businesses should rely on backlink quality to increase authority. They should rely on proper research and planning to get links from highly authoritative sites.”

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