Digital-first companies are 64% more likely to achieve business success. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the most sought-after digital transformation services.

MIAMI - JULY 18, 2022

70% of businesses either have a digital transformation strategy or are currently working on one, Zippia shares. And digital-first companies are 64% more likely to achieve success than their competitors. It suggests why global digital transformation spending is expected to reach $6.8 trillion by 2023.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the most sought-after digital transformation services.


According to Colton De Vos, communications specialist at Resolute Technology Solutions, businesses are increasingly seeking data and architecture services for well-organized and architected data management.

“A recurring service request we see in the industry is companies seeking data and architecture services,” said De Vos. “The foundation for successful digital transformation projects is well-organized and accessible data. As companies approach the next stages of their digital transformations, most look to build data warehouses, data lakes, and other fluid forms of well-organized and architected data management. By breaking down data silos, companies can mine their informational data to produce a better experience, build buyer personas and expedite the next stage in their digital transformation.”


In the opinion of Steve Powell, managing director and 3rd line support specialist at VenomIT, most organizations look for remote tech support services to increase the efficiency of processes.

“In the wake of the pandemic, companies suffered a massive loss due to announcements of working from home,” said Powell. “This urged them to invest in remote tech support to increase the efficiency of processes. Specifically, programs like Hosted Desktops allow for establishing remote connections and connecting to a computer in another location while keeping all data and operations secure.”


Techvantage Innovations CEO and MD Olatunji Onaduja suggests that with more businesses transitioning to the remote working model, they would need Cloud Computing services to enjoy higher scalability.

“According to a 2020 Data Attack Surface Report, the world will store 100 zettabytes of data in the clouds by 2025,” said Onaduja. “The transition from on-site servers means businesses with complex workflows will operate remotely. You don't have to hire in-house IT staff you don't need while enjoying scalability within the architecture to meet changing demands.”


Ace Infoway COO Vipul Shah notes that Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Voice Technology are just a few of the services businesses will leverage for a digital revolution.

"Digital revolution and transformation are expected in two major areas,” said Shah. “[The] first one is for established businesses that have legacy technology assets — they have to get rid of poor experiences and quickly offer new and useful technology features & platforms. So this is essentially re-engineering of current applications and products. [The] second is to adapt, innovate and push newer tech concepts in the mainstream business offerings. This includes identifying the right use cases for applications of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Voice Technology to start with. There is a huge potential here.”

Rich Rudzinski, technical strategist at Tragic Media agrees and adds that AI and machine learning solutions will not only improve automation but also offer advanced analysis.

“AI and machine learning solutions to accelerate automation and provide advanced analysis continue to be the biggest growing digital transformation service area,” said Rudzinski. “IDC estimates that at least 90% of new organizations will leverage AI technology in their processes and products by 2025.”

DesignRush identified the leading IT services companies that help organizations integrate the right digital technologies in their processes to increase efficiency.

1. Resolute Technology Solutions -
Expertise: IT Consulting, IT Security Consulting, Software Development & Integration and more

2. Venom IT -
Expertise: IT Support, Managed IT Services, IT Consulting and more

3. Polymath -
Expertise: App Development, Web Development, Cloud Architecture and more

4. White Cloak Technologies -
Expertise: Software Development, App Development, Technology Consultancy and more

5. Doutor Octopus -
Expertise: Web Development, Web Design, Web Hosting and more

6. Heraklet -
Expertise: Data Center Setup, Server Structures, Backup Systems and more

7. Excellis IT -
Expertise: Software Development, QA and Testing Solutions, App Development and more

8. Tragic Media -
Expertise: Cloud Infrastructure & Optimization, DevOps, Database & Server Migrations and more

9. Techvantage Innovations -
Expertise: Big Data Development, Software Development, App Development and more

10. Ace Infoway -
Expertise: Back Office & Process Support, Print & Publishing Solutions, Product Development and more

11. Unidev -
Expertise: Software Development, Hosting Solutions, IT Consulting and more

12. Fireart Studio -
Expertise: Digital Strategy Consulting, IT Strategy Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting and more

13. Allinclusive. -
Expertise: Web Development, Web App Development, B2B Solutions and more

14. Devurai -
Expertise: Product Development, Software Development, IT Consulting and more

Expertise: Software Development, Web Development, ERP Solutions and more

16. Flash Technologies -
Expertise: Cloud Solutions, IT Sales & Support, Web Hosting & Design and more

17. Golden Industry of Technology -
Expertise: IT Support, Software Updates & Backups, Cloud Computing and more

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