91% of organizations are already using or plan to use AR/VR technology. DesignRush identified the best AR/VR companies that design, implement and maintain AR/VR technologies.

MIAMI - JULY 08, 2022

A Grid Raster survey shows that 91% of businesses have already adopted or plan to invest in mobile VR or AR technology to implement more virtual design into their operations. The top three uses are virtually supplementing labor on production floors (60%), enabling virtual customer visits (53%) and design and product engineering (53%). 61% of respondents who leveraged these technologies reported 20% cost savings. It suggests that organizations should rely on AR/VR to increase business performance.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with specialized agencies, issued the best AV/VR companies that can help you improve your company’s business processes.

The top AV/VR companies in July are:

1. LAIR - lair.tv
Expertise: AR/VR Development, Animation, Creative Development and more

2. Varwin - varwin.com
Expertise: VR Development, AR Solutions, 3D Editing and more

3. QUALITANCE - qualitance.com
Expertise: AR/VR Development, IoT Development, Product Development and more

4. SITE IT NOW - siteitnow.com
Expertise: Software Development, App Development, ERP solutions and more

5. Innowise Group - innowise-group.com
Expertise: AV/VR Development, Blockchain Development, Enterprise Software Development and more

6. Sparx IT Solutions - sparxitsolutions.com
Expertise: VR Development, AI Development, Blockchain Development and more

7. Fingent - fingent.com
Expertise: AR/VR Development, Machine Learning, IoT Development and more

8. VironIT - vironit.com
Expertise: IoT Development, AV/VR Development, Blockchain Development and more

9. AppsChopper - appschopper.com
Expertise: App Development, IoT Development, UI/UX Design and more

10. ARLOOPA - arloopa.com
Expertise: AR/VR Development, 2D and 3D Content Creation, App Development and more

11. TSUKAT - tsukat.com
Expertise: VR Design, VR Training and Education, AR Solutions and more

12. InGage Technologies - myingage.com
Expertise: AR/VR Development, Mixed Reality Development, 3D Animation and more

13. VR Vision - vrvisiongroup.com
Expertise: AR Development, VR Development, 360° Video Production and more

14. Live Animations - liveanimations.org
Expertise: AR Development, VR Development, Mixed Reality Development and more

15. Juego Studio - juegostudio.com
Expertise: AR/VR Development, Data Visualization, WebXR Development and more

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