What Makes Digital Marketing Agencies in Pittsburgh Unique?

Pittsburgh is well known for its pleasant working and living conditions that make it a great place to be for leading experts from across the country.

On the one hand, it ranks as one of the top 15 US cities to launch a career. According to LinkedIn, the city offers a compelling blend of affordable rent, good starting salaries and available opportunities.

On the other hand, Pittsburgh is one of the American cities offering great affordability. Its cost of living is 5.5.% lower than the US average, making it the 10th cheapest place to live in the nation.

Additionally, Pittsburgh also holds 10th place on Niche’s rankings on the best cities for young professionals and seventh place on WalletHub’s report on the best places for STEM professionals in America.

Considering these facts it’s no wonder most of the city’s population is made up of residents aged 18-24 (17%) and 25-34 (22%).

Simply put, digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh employ some of the finest young professionals in the country that can bring fresh perspectives and a different way of thinking.

They approach projects with new energy as well as promote innovation and diversity and can help businesses reach wider audiences.

Pittsburgh skyline
Pittsburgh is one of the best cities for young professionals in America​

What Do Digital Marketing Firms in Pittsburgh Do?

Digital marketing firms in Pittsburgh offer standard digital marketing services that help organizations achieve various goals, including:

  • Generate awareness
  • Promote their products and/or services
  • Drive quality leads
  • Increase conversions
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Boost sales
  • And more

Their service offerings include but are not limited to:

Just like other related agencies, digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh combine a variety of tactics and strategies and leverage online platforms and technologies to help businesses achieve measurable results.

However, unlike their competitors, they are more likely to be competent in delivering strategies for the locally dominant industries, such as:

  • AI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy
  • Life science & health
  • Manufacturing & logistics
  • Robotics

Taking into account that they have operated in the area, they have naturally gained experience in the local audience, their pain points and needs, the major competitors and the local business environment.

Therefore, they are uniquely positioned to deliver effective strategies for these sectors which is a major advantage over their competition.

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How Much Do Digital Marketing Services in Pittsburgh Cost?

Several significant factors affect the cost of digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh, including:

  • Business size (small-to-midsize businesses usually have lower costs considering that they may have a website with fewer pages or a smaller group of local audiences unlike global brands that appeal to audiences globally)
  • Marketing goals (some strategies like PPC management would cost more than others such as SEO)
  • Marketing budget (the amount the business is able to allocate for the promotion of its products and/or services)
  • Timeline (when the marketing deliverables should be provided)

Additionally, the cost of digital marketing services in Pittsburgh will also depend on agency-related factors such as:

  • Size
  • Seniority
  • Client list

It is obvious that agencies with more experience, bigger team size and larger client lists would require more than other smaller companies.

Digital marketing firms in Pittsburgh normally price their services on hourly rates and time estimates. On average, they charge $50-$300 per hour, sometimes even more.

Why Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Pittsburgh?

These are the major reasons to partner with a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh:

  • Work with leading talent: Pittsburgh’s pleasant working environment and great living conditions make it an enticing city for young professionals and other talents alike. These young professionals can benefit businesses with their fresh pair of eyes while approaching projects with innovation and diversity.
  • Take advantage of their local market know-how: Digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh tend to naturally acquire experience in the local ecosystem. They have worked on local projects which allowed them to gain unique insights into the local audience and competitive landscape. This is a key characteristic that makes it possible to carry out successful projects and deliver measurable results.
  • Enjoy affordable rates: Digital marketing firms in Pittsburgh operate in an affordable place whose cost of living is quite lower than many other US hubs. This suggests that they are likely to offer services of high quality at more accessible rates.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Company in Pittsburgh

Selecting the best digital marketing company in Pittsburgh is important for your bottom line. The right partner can help you reach your business goals but also get a higher return on investment (ROI).

Here are a few recommended steps to take that can help make a smarter choice:

Step #1: Choose Value Over Price

Digital marketing can be costly. However, you should look at it as an investment for the present and future rather than as an expense.

Having said that, digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, they will offer different pricing structures to clients.

While some companies may be more pricey, consider that this usually means that they spend time on quality research and develop strategies based on your unique needs and goals.

Additionally, more expensive companies tend to invest in cutting-edge tools that are essential for developing and executing strategies.

When comparing companies and prices, be sure to opt for the best value, not for the best price. Do your research and base your choice on high-quality and potential ROI.

Step #2: Consider Your Needs and the Companies’ Expertise

Digital marketing strategies entail many different platforms, channels and strategies. This is why before you start the search for the best digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, you should identify your business goals and needs.

Based on what you want to achieve, you may need to hire a company that particularly excels in a specific channel like social media or email marketing, or you may need to hire a partner that provides end-to-end services and has experience in every digital space.

Aligning your needs with the agency's expertise will ensure the delivery of effective collaboration and a successful project.

Step #3: Browse Through the Agencies’ Testimonials, Reviews and Case Studies

The testimonials, reviews and case studies of the best digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh will serve as proof of credibility and experience.

Third-party review websites, like DesignRush itself, can help collect this form of client feedback and recommendations.

What’s more, testimonials, reviews and case studies will also show additional information about the agencies including:

  • Their company culture
  • How flexible and transparent they are
  • If they are honest
  • If they can deliver measurable results
  • What their customer service is like
  • And more

All these details will highlight which agencies you could possibly collaborate with or not.

Step #4: Ask If They Have Industry Experience

Previous experience is important because those digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh that are familiar with the client’s industry, online presence, audience and competitors can spot challenges and opportunities easily and quickly.

However, while industry experience is a key advantage that can help accelerate the delivery of effective strategies, it should not be considered a red flag.

This is because very often, companies with a fresh perspective can unlock new opportunities, devise effective tactics and help you reach new audiences.

Step #5: Consider Communication

Proper communication between you and your agency partner will ensure having a healthy relationship and getting the most out of the project.

Therefore, be sure to hire a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh that communicates early, openly and often.

From the introductory email or phone call, see if they reply on time, if they are friendly and pay attention to how they promote their work processes.

The best agency should be attentive to details, educate you on a recurring basis and be able to listen to your ideas as well as answer your questions.

Also, ask about the communication channels you will use throughout the project and if they will assign a dedicated person that can ensure consistent and effective communication.

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15 Questions to Ask Digital Marketing Firms in Pittsburgh Before Hiring Them

With this set of questions, you can ensure you select the most appropriate digital marketing company in Pittsburgh:

  1. What experience do you have working with businesses in the same or similar sector?
  2. How well do you understand my industry, audience and competition?
  3. Do you need to perform additional market research to collect more information?
  4. How can you help me achieve my goals? What tactics do you believe will work for my business?
  5. Are my expectations realistic?
  6. Do you outsource any of your tasks? How can that affect my project's success?
  7. Who will work on my account? How experienced are these experts?
  8. How often shall we meet?
  9. What format will these meetings take?
  10. Will there be a dedicated point of contact?
  11. How will you track the success of the campaigns? Which metrics will you focus on?
  12. Will you provide and explain analytical reports? If yes, how often?
  13. What’s included in the contract?
  14. According to you, when can I see the desired results?
  15. How much will the project cost?

Takeaways on Digital Marketing Agencies in Pittsburgh

Digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh are some of the best in the nation because they:

  • Employ leading talent
  • Have local market know-how
  • Offer internationally competitive services at accessible rates

Unlike all other US-based competitions, they are better suited to deliver effective projects for the locally dominant sectors, including:

  • AI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy
  • Life science & health
  • Manufacturing & logistics
  • Robotics

For digital marketing services in Pittsburgh, businesses can expect to pay $50-$300 per hour, on average, depending on various factors like project size and timeline.

To choose the best agency partner for your business needs, consider the following:

  • Choose value over price
  • Consider your needs and the companies’ expertise
  • Browse through the agencies’ testimonials, reviews and case studies
  • Ask if they have industry experience
  • Consider communication

Best of luck!

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