App development may cost businesses from mid-five to seven figures. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the ways startups can reduce app development costs.


App development projects can cost between mid-five and seven figures, as shared by Forbes. And on average, one in six projects experience a cost overrun of 200%, as stated by Adeva. This suggests that poor project management can be one of the costliest mistakes app developers make.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the ways startups can reduce app development costs.


Empat CEO Nazar Gulyk suggests that cross-platform development is a great way to decrease startup app development costs as it allows for faster time to market.

“The best way for startups to reduce app development costs is to use cross-platform languages,” said Gulyk. “It could be up to two times faster and thus less expensive. Furthermore, if you use a language like Flutter, you will be able to have [your app] on the web as an additional platform.”

Aakash Goyal, designated partner at Cloudester, agrees on this matter and adds that cross-platform development not only helps cut costs but also helps decrease effort and expand reach and business value.

“Developing a mobile app for a single platform won’t be a good idea for your business to target a diversified audience,” said Goyal. “Hence, developers prefer cross-platform apps with which you could implement a single code across all platforms saving up time, cost, and effort and expanding your reach & business value.”


Applover CTO Piotr Sobusiak states that startups should rely on open-source libraries to optimize app development costs.

“Choose technologies with open-source libraries like Python-Django or Ruby on Rails,” said Sobusiak. “Thanks to open-source libraries, you can implement many adequate solutions according to the needs of your app. Using those or creating typical features from open-source code, such as dashboards or user authentication modules, will optimize app costs.”


In the opinion of Vipul Shah, COO at Ace Infoway, developers should always build the mobile backend first and then focus on other phases of the app development process.

“One reason why app development projects burn cash is the mobile backend wasn’t done first,” said Shah. “App development usually has a deep reliance on mobile-optimized APIs (& backend), and you need to plan carefully to ensure that you don't start your app development team too early before the backend is ready. If this is not ready, it results in leakage and idle time for app developers. If you follow solid development practices, including dependency management, this can be avoided. It certainly optimizes your cost, if you have mobile backend first, and deploy app developers in [a] phased manner.”


According to Gregory Entin, CTO at Velvetech, startups should make sure they build an MVP to minimize their app development costs.

“Building an MVP is a good option for keeping app development costs low,” said Entin. “It allows you to test a basic version of the product with a few key features before launching the final solution. Plus, you can get feedback from the target audience and make adjustments before committing too many resources.”

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