What Makes Advertising Agencies in Minneapolis Unique?

Minneapolis offers numerous economic opportunities and relatively higher incomes, influencing talented individuals to stay and work in Minneapolis.

Local businesses that offer professional services will have access to highly qualified individuals, including advertising agencies in Minneapolis. It'll help their team meet their clients' expectations and goals by providing quality services.

If you still can't decide whether or not you should hire a Minneapolis advertiser, look into the other features that will help you make an informed decision:

Feature #1: Minneapolis Has a Highly Educated Workforce

Minneapolis is home to 36 colleges and universities, including world-class liberal arts colleges, trade and community institutions, and globally ranked research universities. Forbes named Minneapolis one of the best cities for new college graduates in 2016.

That award shows that the city has the resources to train young professionals to meet the demands of significant employers. Because of that, Minneapolis' Economic Development Center claims the city is home to two million workers.

According to the same source, the city produces annually roughly 10,000 marketing, management, and business students with Bachelor's degrees. So, you can rely on the educated workforce within advertising agencies in Minneapolis.

Feature #2: Minneapolis Is Home to Growing Industries

Minneapolis is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, making the city a national leader in commercialization and innovation:

  • Target
  • U.S. Bancorp
  • General Mills
  • Medtronic
  • Xcel Energy
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • And more

Based on the city's EDC, the scientific and professional services, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors employ nearly one-quarter of Minneapolis' workforce. The city is home to a vast concentration of employment in liberal arts, education, information, business management, wholesale trade, and finance.

In addition, Minneapolis is home to companies leading corporate citizenship, brand values, ethical leadership, sustainability, and innovation.

Because the city has a vast population of well-established companies, nearly all advertising agencies in Minneapolis have the opportunity to work with clients from different industries. It allows them to hone their skills and provide their other clients with ad campaigns to boost their brand.

Feature #3: Minneapolis Is Affordable with a Good Quality of Life

Minneapolis, named one of the best-value cities in America, offers residents reasonable housing and a variety of communal amenities. The city's median income grew by 3.62% in 2019, amounting to $65,889. Minneapolis's overall cost of living is 5% lower than the national average.

Compared to the national average, competitive wages are among the factors that make graduates stay in the city.

Aside from attracting the graduates to stay in the city, Minneapolis also attracts people from other cities to move into the city, contributing to the city's increasing population.

It'll be beneficial to work with the top-rated advertising agencies in Minneapolis to reach your goals and grow your business despite your consumers' ever-changing habits.

Minneapolis overlooking the Mississippi River​
Minneapolis' median income grew by 3.62% in 2019

What Do Minneapolis Ad Agencies Specialize In?

Similar to national agencies, advertising agencies in Minneapolis offer a variety of services to support your marketing strategy, including:

To ensure a successful marketing strategy, advertising firms in Minneapolis engage in various activities, such as:

  • Planning your ad campaigns: advertising companies in Minneapolis create an advertising plan tailored to your brand, products or services. They develop comprehensive campaigns that fit your business needs, meet your goals and match your budget.
  • Delivering the right brand message: Minneapolis ad agencies have a team of skilled copywriters and graphic designers who play a crucial role in creating a successful ad campaign that generates engagement.
  • Handling media buying: They provide media buying, a deeper understanding of results-oriented media platforms, practical scheduling, and pricing.
  • Build user-friendly websites: Some advertising firms in Minneapolis have expertise in building user-friendly, SEO optimized, appealing and responsive websites.

Why Hire Advertising Companies in Minneapolis?

You must develop a solid advertising strategy to succeed in a highly competitive market. That's where advertising agencies in Minneapolis come in handy. Working with them has different advantages, including:

Benefit #1: They Understand Your Local Audience

If you're managing a local business, hiring one of the top-rated advertising agencies in Minneapolis will help you reach local customers more quickly.

Local advertising agencies understand the local audience, culture and latest trends. Plus, they know which local influencers you should partner with to increase your reach and sales.

Benefit #2: They Have Built Local Connections

Minneapolis ad agencies in Minneapolis have local connections, meaning you can use their local network to find people who can also drive your business forward. Their local links are valuable because they often base their servicing and purchasing decisions on relationships.

It can also help you anticipate your competitors' strategies, allowing you to differentiate your strategy from theirs. Your local ad agencies will always prioritize the connection that will enable you to establish your brand in the community.

Benefit #3: They Are Aware of Local Challenges

Advertising companies in Minneapolis are also aware of the business challenges you might face. They can help address local problems that prevent you from running your business efficiently. They can also help if you need someone to implement your plans successfully.

Other Minneapolis ad agencies can help maximize your opportunities by connecting you with people from similar industries. Hiring locally will help you navigate the more challenging times you have to deal with.

Benefit #4: They Can Communicate Effectively

Hiring a huge advertising agency means having fewer opportunities to discuss things in person, leading to misunderstandings in the long run.

On the other hand, hiring locally equals valuable facetime, efficiently developing a strategy and addressing problems. In short, your plans will be implemented more quickly and be on the same page by partnering with advertising firms in Minneapolis.

Benefit #5: They Are More Invested in Your Growth

Advertising agencies in Minneapolis depend on your business' growth. Your success makes them grow as well. You'll also get their best talents, specialists and undivided focus and attention.

Because of that, they will invest in your business' growth and health.

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How Much Do Advertising Firms in Minneapolis Charge?

On average, advertising agencies in Minneapolis charge $150 per hour. The average cost per project ranges from $1,000 to $10,000. However, you can find award-winning agencies that charge $25,000 to $50,000 per project.

Different factors might affect agencies' rates, including:

  • Services needed
  • Project timeline
  • Agency's reputation and size
  • And more

How To Find the Right Minneapolis Ad Agencies for Your Business?

Selecting one of the top-rated advertising agencies in Minneapolis may be challenging. Follow these steps to find the right ad agency for your business:

1. Outline the Services Needed for Your Project

Outline your project's overall scope, and advertising needs to determine whether you need an ongoing partnership or a single project. Define your strategic goals, key deliverables, and budget, which will be the foundation of your hiring process.

It will also allow prospective advertising agencies in Minneapolis to understand your goals.

2. Look for Agencies That Have Expertise in Your Niche

It's advisable to narrow the search to Minneapolis ad agencies that have worked with similar companies. That means they have developed knowledge in your niche and are better fitted to deliver successful results. But that's not your only option.

You can also hire a local agency with experience in a closely-related business to get a fresher perspective and distinguish yourself from the competition.

3. Ask Prospective Candidates to Pitch Their Ideas and Services

The pitching process starts with advertising companies in Minneapolis asking about your business needs, ad history and budget. They will look into your current campaigns in Google Analytics or Ads, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, etc., to evaluate your advertising status.

Once they start presenting their proposal, be attentive to elements such as:

  • The team's quality
  • The quality of their strategic-level ideas
  • Their proposed media mix
  • Their cultural fit with your company

You'll also have to ensure that the team pitching their services is the same team handling your account to avoid challenges while planning and implementing your ad campaigns.

4. Narrow Down Candidates and Interview the Best Agencies

You shouldn't make your hiring decision based on your preliminary research. It's also advisable to ask probing questions to determine if they fit your business the best.

You can ask them these questions:

  • What are your fees? Can we afford your packages?
  • Do you have solid references from similar companies?
  • What's your industry expertise?
  • Are you working for any of our competitors?

Interviews will help narrow your list to at least the five best advertising firms in Minneapolis.

5. Look into Agencies' Previous Campaigns and Results

Don't hesitate to ask for samples similar to the campaigns you want to launch. Look into the campaigns of potential advertising agencies in Minneapolis to determine whether they can deliver winning results.

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10 Questions to Ask Advertising Companies in Minneapolis

  1. Do you have experience working in my industry?
  2. Are you working for any of our local competitors?
  3. Who from your team will be handling my project and campaigns?
  4. Are the people assigned to my account well-versed?
  5. Can you walk me through the process of completing my project?
  6. How do you stay in touch with clients? Email? Phone? Video calls?
  7. What are the external factors that will affect my ad campaigns?
  8. How will you determine the overall costs of my project?
  9. How long will it take for my project to be completed?
  10. How will you track my ad campaign's success and results?

Takeaways on Advertising Agencies in Minneapolis

Minneapolis's thriving economy influences people to stay and live in the city. You must revisit your existing campaigns with more people to serve to ensure they're targeting the right audience.

Hiring one of the top-rated advertising agencies in Minneapolis will distinguish your company from the competition, growing your business further.

If you're worried about your overall expenses, their rates range from $150 per hour. The rates for your project differ based on the services needed, project timeline and scope.

Hiring Minneapolis ad agencies will maximize your company's resources and help you expand your business in the city. So, to make your search easier, you'll have to start by determining your company's needs and goals.

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