66%of small businesses believe finding new consumers is their top priority. 

However, only 25% of small businesses utilize full-service marketing strategies

It turns out that discrepancy outlines the difference between brands who achieve long-term success and those that shutter their doors. 

Luckily, there are copious digital marketing tactics that improve brand awareness, captivate valuable consumers, increase website traffic, and foster positive conversion rates in small companies. 

We sat down with Matthew Travers, executive vice president at Lead To Conversion, to discover:

  • The most important digital platforms with the highest conversion rates.
  • How small businesses can create a marketing strategy with proper priorities.
  • Tips for generating meaningful leads.
  • The best qualities of successful marketing campaigns.
  • And more!
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DesignRush: Lead To Conversion was originally founded for enterprise-level marketing. How does that large-scale foundation affect the way your agency approaches smaller businesses’ marketing strategies?

Matthew Travers: Actually, Lead to Conversion was founded to service SMB's. The founders saw a segment of the market they felt was being under-served so they decided to create Lead to Conversion in response. 

One of LTC's most significant differentiators is the fact that is was born and breed from founders who worked exclusively at the enterprise level, so that knowledge and skill set was brought to Lead to Conversion. 

We like to say we offer an enterprise skill set without the enterprise investment.

Lead To Conversion's conducted technical search engine optimization for Addiction Treatment's website, which drastically improved their organic website traffic.

DR: What advice do you have for small businesses hoping to craft an effective marketing strategy?

MT: Just get started and establish a digital presence ideally with a website. History and trust, especially with Google, is very important for long-term growth from a digital marketing perspective. 

If they're a local brick and mortar business building a website and getting a Google My Business built and verified is an excellent first step. 

For online-only brands, again a nice website should always be step 1 to establishing your digital presence. From there, utilizing social media marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for B2B would be a smart move. 

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DR: What is the best digital marketing tactic for generating leads and increasing revenue?

MT: I believe SEO is the no. 1 way to market your business online and steadily increase your return on investment (ROI) from the efforts. 

SEO has a compounding effect where after a period of time creating keyword-rich content and acquiring links your efforts start to snowball and bring traffic to your site already looking for what you have to offer. 

It's the classic "pull marketing" instead of push. In my opinion much more cost-effective and sustainable than any other digital marketing strategy. 

DR: Which marketing platforms provide the best return on investment?

MT: Like I mentioned SEO is King in terms of ROI in my opinion. 

Depending on the nature of the business paid social advertising can also provide a fantastic ROI given the low costs-per-click on Facebook. 

Google Ads can also provide a solid ROI although dialing in a campaign can be difficult since the CPC's are much higher.

Lead To Conversion created a responsive professional website that is functional on all devices.

DR: How can businesses create a consistent brand experience throughout several marketing channels?

MT: Using the same logo on all channels, same colors where possible and concise marketing messages can really help your brand visibility and provide your users with a consistent experience online.

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DR: Creating custom target audiences is difficult and time-consuming. What demographic qualities are the most important for increasing site traffic, conversions and overall business growth? 

MT: I believe age and gender are two of the most important demographics to optimize for when running campaigns online.

DR: How can small businesses create a successful online target audience?

MT: If possible, try using Facebook and their pixel tracking code to build an audience. 

After you have sufficient pixel data Facebook provides excellent reporting to help business owners understand the demographics engaging with their message and brand. 

This is critical data that should be used to launch and refine other digital advertising campaigns.

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DR: How can businesses optimize their website to attract visitors, complement marketing campaigns, and increase revenue?

MT: The design and user experience of your small business website can honestly make or break your business, so I'd say it's pretty damn important. 

One of the best things a business owner can do is to really give thought to the end goal, what do you want that person to do by the time they leave. This is on a per page basis. 

Every page has an objective. Clearly define that objective and make absolutely sure you provide your visitors with an easy way to complete that objective. 

Whether that is to fill out a form, make a call, or purchase a product, don't make your users path to conversion difficult. Simple websites convert very well so don't get hung up on flashy design and complex usability. 

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DR: Why have Lead To Conversion's campaigns been so successful?

MT: One of the most complex projects we've worked on for years was wildly successful because of the fully integrated digital campaign that leverages multiple channels and marketing tactics. 

Another has been a home run for us because we initially started small and were able to generate a solid ROI from our efforts which lead to adding additional digital marketing channels. 

Lead to Conversion loves working with businesses that grow with us. As their ROI increases, so does their spend and scope of work with the agency. 

This is really the core value of why we do what we do -- optimize success and build long-term, valuable relationships with our clients.

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