5 Best Productivity Apps That Make Work and Life Efficient

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5 Best Productivity Apps That Make Work and Life Efficient
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Last Updated: November 04, 2022

The best productivity apps exist for one thing: to make your life easier. Whether for work or personal use, a dedicated mobile or desktop app can help you organize, minimize burdens and hit goals.

Now that adept app developers flooded the software market with such tools, there are lots of quality productivity applications promising to offer the same value. And not all of them will deliver.

To spot a good program, you must first discern if it has the functionality and usability you need to increase your productivity. Ask yourself: Does it have the tools that I need? Are they intuitive? Can I track my progress?

To give you a head start, here's a list of five productivity apps designed for various cases. While offering completely different sets of tools and features, they all possess the qualities of a good productivity app: ease of use, accessibility, and usefulness!

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1. Quidlo Timesheets by Miquido

[Source: Quidlo Timesheets]

Standout Features:

  • Uncomplicated time tracker
  • Custom time reports
  • Quick collaboration and user access

Tracking time can be tedious for most project managers and team leaders, especially in remote work arrangements. Find yourself in the same situation. Try this simple timesheet software created by the full-service software development company Miquido (Explore the best Time Management Apps here).

The Quidlo Timesheets simplify the time-consuming task of monitoring shifts and recording work logs!

The Time Tracker is the essential tool here. Employees can press the button to start tracking their time. Alternatively, they can add their time manually and edit if needed. Plus, they can add notes and task tags to get organized!

As a manager, this will give you valuable insight into how long projects usually take.

And speaking of insights, the program also allows users to generate custom time reports to monitor performance. These files are easily shareable with other team members or clients – no exports needed!

But how do you control access? Quidlo Timesheets lets you set up user roles, inviting specific users to collaborate, create, and manage multiple organizations with separate data and users.

2. Gumb by SolveIt

[Source: Gumb]

Standout Features:

  • Organization and team management
  • Quick appointment scheduling
  • Participation and absence tracking

If you're managing a team and looking for an attendance tool that also works as an event scheduler, try Gumb, an appointment management software developed by the web and mobile app developers at SolveIt.

It's a complete platform for managing meetings, gatherings, and other employee engagement activities for teams of all sizes!

Here, you can onboard, and then divide your organization into communities. Each community is configurable, but you can still access your members' information in a central view. Think teams, departments, squads, and so on.

The email function is your go-to feature when creating events and setting appointments! Just send an urgent email to everyone to get responses and inclusions.

And since Gumb is compatible with most smartphones, all members are informed about new or modified events through push notifications.

To keep track of participation, Gumb delivers insightful attendance statistics. You can use the reports to analyze all availabilities, attendance and absences during the season or the year.

Other helpful features include appointment registration deadlines, event-sharing options and time zone management. Members can sync their Gumb events with their private Google Calendars, too!

3. KonceptCA by 360 Degree Technosoft

[Source: KonceptCA]

Standout Features:

  • Interactive and informative tutorial videos
  • Practice Sessions
  • Track Board for exam scores

KonceptCA is a learning app developed by 360 Degree Technosoft that helps students ace their CA CPT interactively. And it's free!

Here's how it works.

The app gives users access to subject-wise and chapter-wise videos of the entire syllabus of CPT to help them prepare for the exam. The explainer-type videos are super informative and easy to digest, especially for visual learners!

They are also highly engaging, as students are free to raise questions if they find something hard to comprehend. There's a chat window where they can send their concerns, and the faculty can reply to guide them.

After the tutorial, students can switch to the Practice Session mode to test their knowledge and mastery of the lessons. The app facilitates a mock MCQ exam where students can answer multiple-choice questions, preparing them for the test.

Plus, students can interact with their friends through group learning sessions. They can challenge each other with quizzes to make their learning process more exciting and fun!

Lastly, a Track Board helps students monitor their scores during practice sessions. Every exam taken is listed on this board so that the user can keep track of their performance and progress.

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4. nTask

[Source: nTask]

Standout Features:

  • Task management and prioritization
  • Meeting agenda and follow-up actions
  • Automated tracker and mobile timesheets

Want to simplify project planning? nTask is the answer!

It's an all-in-one project management tool that allows team members and managers to streamline project deliverables, task dependencies, resource management, financial reporting, and everything in between.

You can use its Smart Timeline to map out all your project deadlines and track everything that goes in order. Then, you can manage them through quick assignments, collaborations, communication modules, reporting, and visualization.

Prioritizing is easy; you can set the priority level for tasks through tags, so team members receive notifications on any task activity.

You can ensure team discussions are always productive through useful meeting features. During sessions, everyone can take notes of vital information and make follow-up actions and decisions. Members can set a meeting agenda before the due date to set goals and align participants.

You can use the app to track time too! The automated Web Timer tracks team members' time at the push of a button.

Manual tracking is doable if users forget to turn the tracker on. They can submit their sheets to managers for quick approval. Timesheets are also accessible on the nTask mobile app for on-the-go time tracking (Read more on useful project management tools here).

5. Family Plan by Lvivity

[Source: Family Plan]

Standout Features:

  • Calendar scheduling with custody templates
  • File drawer for document storage
  • Streamlined communication

Family Plan is a mobile app developed by Lvivity that makes it easier for divorced parents to maintain a healthy family life.

As the name suggests, the program lets users create a schedule that works for them and plan how their kids will spend time with each of them without the back-and-forth discussion and lengthy compromises.

The mobile dashboard provides a simplified view of the tools that help parents plan their family events efficiently.

The calendar lets users set up custody schedules by filling out the dates with notable events. They can also save these as templates, so they don't have to create new plans over and over.

There's a file drawer where users can store important documents and agreements and a payment window for processing recurring payments.

The app also makes it easier for both parties to communicate and collaborate through a quick exchange of messages on the Communications window. And thanks to the Recent Activity reports on the main dashboard, users can keep track of all movements and developments!

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