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According to research done by Promethean, marketing agencies need at least two new clients every month in order to grow and prosper.

However, reaching out successfully to prospects is a major challenge for numerous marketers, especially small businesses.

This is where Agorapulse steps in - a tool that makes the social media outreach and client acquisition process much simpler and more efficient.

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By partnering with Facebook, the company has created a social media management solution and toolkit that lets marketers:

  • Schedule and publish content from their desktop
  • Manage multiple accounts from one single platform
  • Generate advanced reporting for Instagram
  • Analyze and measure branded hashtags
  • Track and reply to all ad comments
  • Reply to every conversation from their social inbox
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What Is Agorapulse And Who Is It For?

Agorapulse is a suite of tools that help agencies easily manage their social media campaigns.

It has four general categories namely:

  • Social Media Inbox
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Reporting

The solution adapts and improves the marketers’ strategy of following up with their customers. It ensures that businesses are being fully responsive and that they interact with their clients in a way that provides the best ROI.

The defining features that aid companies in their customer acquisition and retention include:

  • Unified social inbox: For managing incoming social media messages, comments and reviews in a single place.
  • Intuitive publishing: Helping you plan and schedule content for social media channels.
  • Social listening: For discovering trends about your market and competitors.
  • Analytics: Creating actionable reports on your social media outreach campaigns.

Agorapulse is suitable for businesses of all profiles and sizes, across different industries.

However, it is most beneficial to SBEs and organizations with less than 20 employees who don’t have the manpower to onboard a sufficient number of new clients per month.

Over 31,000 marketers and social media managers in over 11,000 global companies use Agorapulse’s tools on a daily basis, including brands such as Ogilvy, Confluent Health, Digital Butter and West Virginia University.

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How Agorapulse’s Facebook C2M Uses Messenger To Pitch Prospects?

Agorapulse’s flagship product is Facebook C2M (Click-to-Messenger). It consists of several tools and resources that facilitate the process of pitching new clients via Facebook Messenger.

The company also provides a free toolkit that includes the following:

  • Webinar: Gain access to an in-depth webinar on learning to use Facebook Messenger’s features to warm up your prospects by sending them personalized business insights.
  • eBook: “Client Acquisition: Painful to Profitable in a Few, Simple Steps” — providing you with an insight on how to make outreach a delegable task.
  • Case Study: A success story of a marketing agency that increased its client retention rate 100% and increased monthly recurring revenue sevenfold. More on this later in this article.
  • Toolkit: Containing Facebook audit checklist, email outreach templates, chat automation resources, customizable pitch desk etc.

So you can...

  • Audit your potential client’s Facebook page for pitching opportunities
  • Create a set of recommendations that provide tangible value to the potential client
  • Use Facebook C2M email templates to start the conversation
  • Customize your product/service pitch to create an informative, engaging presentation that will convert a prospect

And many more.

Get these free practical tools to help you use Facebook Messenger to pitch to new clients.

What Benefits Does Agorapulse Bring To Marketers?

Agorapulse provides agency-specific support and features that have the company ranked #1 on Capterra and TrustRadius in their respective categories - outranking competitors like Sprout Social and Hootsuite.

This reputation is down to these benefits:

  • A super-fast response time: The brand’s customer support team responds in just 30 minutes time – a huge advantage over the average 12-hour waiting for social media platforms’ reply.
  • Great user satisfaction: Agorapulse currently has a 96% customer satisfaction score from its users.
  • Saving time and keeping you organized: Messaging and chat automation reduces the time you would spend reaching out to prospects manually.
  • A stand-out factor: Using this social media management software’s eBooks and other resources give you an edge when planning a course of action for client conversations and pitches.

How TBS Marketing Used Agorapulse’s Facebook C2M to Grow Its Business

One of 3,000+ agencies that use Agorapulse is Costa Rica-based marketing company TBS Marketing.

The agency was offering traditional graphic design and chatbot-building services to their clients, but had to reinvent their advertising for new, international clientele.

In 2019, the company wanted to position itself as a strategic partner of brands that want to boost their advertising sales.

TBS Marketing started using Facebook C2M to automatically initiate direct customer conversations in Facebook Messenger. To this, they added chat automation to “create dynamic, interactive customer experiences.”

The results?

  • A seven-fold increase in monthly recurring revenue
  • 2.4x boost in client retention rate
  • 50% shorter sales cycle
  • Improved one client’s ROI by 11,000%
  • Increased inbound opportunities by 35%

And, probably the most impressively of all – the company achieved a 100% client retention rate.

Agorapulse Pricing Plans

Companies interested in improving and streamlining their social media outreach can take advantage of free 15-day trial of Agorapulse.

Individual marketers who are just getting started can also benefit from the free pricing plan that covers three social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, 40 scheduled posts per month, social CRM tools, Facebook ROI calculator and more perks.

Meanwhile, these are the paid account tiers:

Agorapulse pricing tier
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Raise Your Client Outreach Game With A Multi-Purpose Social Media Management Tool

For numerous businesses – not just small ones, but established teams as well – client outreach via social media is a time-consuming process for which there isn’t enough manpower.

Keeping track of multiple messages sent to numerous prospects on a number of social platforms is just one of the challenges. Replying adequately to all of them, sending personalized responses while not missing a beat also takes time and effort.

With Agorapulse, your business can manage all of your social media efforts with a single, go-to tool.

Publishing, replying, reporting and monitoring through a unified social inbox, insightful analytics and numerous other features strengthens your social media outreach and boosts your bottom line.

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