Why Consider Houston For Your Software Development Project?

The cost of living in Houston is about 44% lower than in Silicon Valley. In fact, this is why the city drives tech talent from the popular region.

The low cost of living also attracts many investors and organizations to do business here.

So, Houston is the fourth US city with the highest number of headquartered Fortune 500 companies including Sysco, Phillips 66 and Kinder Morgan.

Because of this, an increased number of businesses choose to outsource their software development projects there.

Partnering with big brands like these, software companies in Houston offer high-quality services at nationally competitive rates.

Software Companies In Houston: Understanding The People Who Will Be Developing Your Solutions

Houston’s tech industry generates $28 billion per year. With a 5.8% economic impact, the industry is not a leading one in the region, but it is one of the fastest-growing.

In just ten years, the number of Houston-based tech startups has gone up by almost 150%, rising from 567 in 2008 to 1,409 in 2018.

The trend follows the migration of the IT workforce within the country; the Cost of living in other major tech hubs like San Francisco and New York is perpetually on the rise, pushing the IT talent towards less expensive and more family-friendly cities.

As a result, the concentration of all types of IT companies in Houston is growing, whether it is startups seeking access to funding, major corporations looking for business-friendly environments, or software companies in pursuit of highly skilled IT talent.

Houston’s Software Talent Pool

Houston’s tech workforce counts 227,788 IT professionals, as per the latest records.

Considering that the city is still not one of the nation’s leading tech hubs, this is one healthy talent pool you can access by partnering with Houston software development companies.

Here are some of the most common tech occupations in the city:

  • 2,930 Computer Network Support Specialists
  • 14,370 Computer Systems Analysts
  • 14,270 Computer User Support Specialists
  • 8,140 Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • 2,340 Database Administrators
  • 1,520 Web Developers
  • 5,780 Software Developers (Systems Software)
  • 14,620 Software Developers (Applications)
  • 4,670 Computer Programmers
  • Leading Houston Software Companies and Tech Brands

The best software companies in Houston are deeply influenced by their local tech peers and overall environment.

These are a couple of the world-leading companies that shape the Houston tech scene:

HostGator: HostGator is a well-known web hosting platform, as well as SEO and web development service provider headquartered in Houston since 2007.

  • Address: 5005 Mitchelldale St #100, Houston
  • Employees: 1,000+

FlightAware: Headquartered in Houston, FlightAware is the world’s largest flight data platform, tracking over 10,000 aircraft operators and 12,000,000 passengers.

  • Address: Eleven Greenway Plaza, Suite 2900
  • Employees: 350+ (unconfirmed)

What Do Software Development Companies In Houston Specialize In?

If you look at developers around the US, you will find that most of them are willing to take on projects in almost any industry, and they also tend to be quite flexible when it comes to technologies.

However, a good rule of thumb to follow in these cases is to broaden your view and focus on their greater home ecosystem.

Operating in an industrial environment, Houston software development companies are most likely to have built expertise in domains such as oil and gas, energy in general, healthcare and construction.

If your project is highly technical and needs developers who are accustomed to complex engineering and heavy industries, then software companies in Houston and cities like Dallas and Austin will be your best choice.

That is not to say that you should discount Houston for “softer”, more mainstream projects.

The city and its tech industry are changing rapidly. Industries like hospitality, including cafes and restaurants, events and experiences, are thriving.

Houston software development companies are soaking in this change and developing skills applicable to both technically and creatively-sound solutions.

Houston skyline
Houston’s tech workforce counts 227,788 IT professionals

How Much Do Houston Software Companies Charge For Their Services?

The average annual tech salary in Houston is $95,520, but this fluctuates across professions and experience levels.

Systems developers earn an average of $108,750 per year, while app developers$109,800.

Translated to project costs, when working with Houston software development companies whose workforce is entirely home-based, expect to pay upwards of $75 per hour.

If you come across lower rates, be sure to enquire after the company’s organizational setup. Some software companies in Houston will be able to achieve lower rates by subcontracting foreign workforce/agencies or maintaining offices in less expensive US cities.

Should this be the case, flush out all the details and how they would affect your project.

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Researching Software Development Companies In Houston, TX: How To Find The Right Partner For Your Business

We can assume that you have narrowed down your search to Houston either due to its proximity to home, or their ability to take on highly complex and technical projects.

Either way, choosing a development partner is never an easy task, and not because of the lack of options. On the contrary: There are many Houston software development companies, as you can see in our highly filtered list above.

Choosing among software development companies in Houston, TX goes beyond expertise and cost. You should find a partner whose skills and experience match your requirements, and whose development methods and approaches to work are in tune with your organization.

10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Computer Software Companies In Houston

  1. Have they developed solutions in your industry? - If they have, they are likely to have a good jump start on the project and move quicker than others as they’d need less time to build domain knowledge. If not, try to gauge how quickly they can catch up.
  2. Have they developed solutions similar to yours? - Though it shouldn’t be a deciding factor, experience in building solutions similar to yours can be particularly helpful in highly complex projects.
  3. Which technologies do they use and why? - Houston software development companies will typically have a preferred stack or two. If these can answer your project requirement, that is another benefit that will put you on a fast(er) track to completion.
  4. Are they open to other tech stacks? - Flexibility is crucial for successful software development. A company’s willingness to step outside their comfort zone for the sake of your project is a great indicator of this.
  5. What is their preferred development method and why? - Most computer software companies in Houston choose Agile for exactly the reasons mentioned in the explanation of the previous question - flexibility. No project runs smoothly, i.e. exactly as planned, so be sure to select a development method that suits your organization’s pace and way of dealing with change and challenge.
  6. How do they deliver their services? - Some Houston software development companies will take on tasks on a one-time project basis, others will build dedicated teams that will see your solution through the entire development cycle and beyond, to maintenance and further development.
  7. How structured are their communication processes? - High-performing software development companies in Houston, TX will take a serious approach to communication. They will have clearly defined channels, practices and contacts to manage the flow of information, accelerate reaction time and facilitate documentation.
  8. What do their previous and current clients have to say? - When conversing with references, focus on aspects beyond those you can learn on the company’s website or during conversation with their representatives. Try to understand how easy it is to collaborate with them, how quickly and effectively they react to change, what is their approach to problem-solving and how creative they are.
  9. What do their employees have to say? - We always say “happy employees are creative employees.” If unable to directly interview the company’s developers and other software professionals, turn to Glassdoor and social media. Do keep in mind, though, that negative reviews are common and to be expected. Look beyond the unhappy few to gauge the real sentiment within and towards the organization.
  10. How much do they charge for their services? - This is an important factor to consider when hiring a software development company in Houston. Compare their rates to find the best value for your dollar.
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Who Should Consider Partnering With Houston Software Development Companies?

Houston is a tech hub thriving in an environment with deep roots in engineering and heavy industries. It is also an affordable location where highly skilled IT workforce has been flocking to in the past few years.

As such, you should consider outsourcing your project to software companies in Houston if you are looking for highly skilled development professionals for better prices than the eye-watering ones you’ll encounter in San Francisco and New York.

Houston software development companies are great for any project, particularly those that are highly complex, technical and/or in one of the fields the region is known for energy, healthcare and construction.


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