What Makes Miami Video Production Companies Unique?

Miami has a vibrant creative community, covering multiple fields ranging from architecture, design and fashion to media production, entertainment and more.

In 2018, 37,032 creatives were working in Miami.

The city’s famed warm weather and vigorous lifestyle attracts some of the finest professionals in the nation and the world.

Besides, Miami has a lower cost of living than other East Coast cities like New York or Boston.

These are a few reasons why Miami represents a key landing spot for video specialists from around the US as well as the globe.

Moreover, the city is home to prestigious schools such as Miami-Dade College, University of Miami or Florida International University. These top institutions entice top talent from across the country and beyond.

In addition, many large companies call Miami their home, including:

  • Amazon
  • FedEx
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Burger King
  • VITAS Healthcare
  • And more

Serving big brands like these, it’s clear that video production companies in Miami stay on top of the latest trends and can deliver internationally competitive services.

Another differentiating factor that sets video experts in Miami apart from their counterparts elsewhere in the world is the high concentration of Spanish speakers.

69.95% of residents speak Spanish. This means video production companies in Miami provide bilingual resources that can give your brand a competitive edge.

The diverse community along with an open and lively environment makes Miami a magnetic destination for high-end creatives and video experts alike. It’s safe to argue that some of the best video production companies are based in the second largest city in Florida.

aerial view of Miami, Florida
37,032 creatives were working in Miami in 2018

How Big Is The Video Production Talent Pool In Miami?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida is the fifth US state with the highest employment level in film and video editing.

With 690 video specialists working in Miami in 2019, the city also ranks fifth by employment rate in the US.

According to the same source, the video sector is expected to grow 18% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than average.

Since streaming services and corporate video production are on a rising trend, video experts are in high demand.

Furthermore, the video marketing services are rapidly growing as brands want to engage visually driven global audiences. So, it’s easy to imagine that the video production talent pool in Miami will also expand.

What Does A Miami Video Production Company Specialize In?

In contrast to other video production companies, Miami agencies tend to be qualified in producing videos and other multimedia for the locally dominant industries:

  • Tourism
  • International trade
  • Life sciences
  • Financial services
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • And more

Just as any other video production firms in the world, Miami-based ones specialize in providing end-to-end video production for companies to reach new audiences and raise their brand awareness.

A video production company typically specializes in:

  • Video script
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming
  • Video production
  • Multimedia production
  • Video marketing
  • And more

They can produce a wide range of videos, including:

  • Demo videos
  • Onboarding videos
  • Brand videos
  • Commercials
  • How-To’s
  • And more
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What Are The Different Types Of Los Angeles Video Production Companies?

Video production companies can be classified into two categories, by the precise type of services they provide and by the industry they specialize in.

Primarily, let’s look at the services that these agencies offer:

  • Video production agencies: These companies have the equipment, knowledge and teams of skilled professionals to produce video categories such as corporate videos, event videos, product videos, television broadcasts and more. Having produced many different videos means they have various shooting styles and techniques to help you achieve your video marketing objectives.
  • Full-service production agencies: These specialists have the resources to manage end-to-end projects: pre-production, production, post-production as well as distribution. They provide all-encompassing services to meet your unique requirements and marketing needs. Apart from the typical video production services, they also offer marketing or advertising services, booking talent and locations and so on.

Secondly, some video production companies in Miami have become highly qualified in creating engaging videos for a few particular industries: tourism, life sciences, finance, international trade and more.

How Much Do Miami Video Production Agencies Charge?

Most video production agencies in Miami have an average hourly rate between $100 and $160. Naturally, there are reputable companies that charge $250 per hour for their first-class services.

Considering that video production is a lengthy process involving many stages, the pre-production, production and post-production as well as distribution, the final product can be quite expensive.

The typical cost for projects is between $10,000 and $50,000. Ultimately, the overall cost depends on the complexity of your project.

Why Hire A Miami Video Production Company?

Miami is teeming with creative professionals working in different areas, from architecture and design to fashion, entertainment and more.

Therefore, Miami video production agencies are bound to provide the highest quality of services.

Here are the main reasons why you should hire a Miami video production company:

  • Access to top-tier talent: Miami attracts high-level talent from around the US as well as the world. The high competition within the creative industry and the equally high living expenses mean that only the best video production agencies make it in Miami.
  • Bilingual resources: Miami hosts a robust Spanish-speaking community. This results in a diverse workforce that is uniquely positioned to comprehend global markets. These professionals are able to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds and can help you reach wider audiences.
  • Local market know-how: Operating in Miami for a long time, video production companies have gained deep knowledge of the local ecosystem. They will provide valuable insights that can set your brand apart from the competition.

How To Select The Best Miami Video Production Agency

Choosing the best video production company in Miami for your business may not be an easy task.

Be sure to follow these key steps when hiring a video production company in Miami:

Step #1: Determine The Type Of Video You Need

Before even thinking about hiring a video production company, you need to determine what type of video your business needs to reach its goals.

Video production companies in Miami can produce different types of videos: commercials, demo, onboarding, product videos and so on.

However, to ensure the best possible results for your project, it’s advisable to choose a company that has already created videos within your industry.

Step #2: Check Out Their Portfolio

Make sure to skim through an agency’s portfolio as that will reveal what type of videos they can produce, their creativity and resources as well as the quality of their work.

This way you can determine if their style and aesthetic match your brand vision.

Step #3: Figure Out If They Have Marketing Expertise

The top video production companies in Miami not only produce quality videos, but they are also skilled in promoting it.

That’s why you should select a video production company that has digital marketing expertise as these professionals will know what type of video will work best for your brand.

They are well-equipped to market your video content in front of the right audience and on the right platforms.

Step #4: Learn About Their Team

Many specialists work in the production of a single video, such as actors, video editors, camera operators and other crew members.

Though the top Miami video production agencies only hire specialists and senior-level professionals, some of them might only work part-time.

Be sure to ask agencies who exactly will be working on your project so that you have a clear and complete outlook of the team.

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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring Miami Video Production Companies

Before deciding to hire a video production company, gather as much information as you possibly can about their workplace culture, organizational structure and quality of their work.

Ask them these questions:

  1. What types of videos do you specialize in and what’s your style?
  2. What types of niches do you specialize in?
  3. What is the typical timeframe for a project?
  4. Do you have digital marketing expertise?
  5. Who exactly from your team will be working on our video?
  6. What is the cost of a video project and how exactly do you charge for services?
  7. What types of clients have you previously worked with?
  8. Are you experienced in video marketing?
  9. Who will own the final video product?
  10. Can you walk me through your work portfolio?

Takeaways On Miami Video Production Companies

As Miami has such a big community of creative people, it’s safe to say that some of the best video production companies operate in Miami.

These are the key things that differentiate Miami video production firms from their competitors in other parts of the US:

  • Top-tier talent pool
  • Bilingual resources
  • Unique insight into the local market

They are mostly qualified in providing services for the locally dominant sectors: tourism, life sciences, international trade, agriculture and more.

A video production company in Miami usually charges between $100 and $160 per hour for their services.

To select the right video production company for your business, make sure to follow these key steps:

  • Decide on the type of video
  • Check out an agency’s portfolio
  • Ask if they also have marketing experience
  • Learn about the team members


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