What Makes Austin Video Production Companies Unique?

Austin is the third best place to live in the United States. The capital of Texas is on an upward trajectory and here is why:

  • The city enjoys a very stable job market. Only in 2020, Austin has added 27,200 new jobs, a 2.5% growth in a year.
  • According to Inc., Austin is the best US city to start a business in 2020.
  • Austin has a lower cost of living than many other state capitals, such as New York.

These are also some of the reasons why Austin entices some of the finest specialists in the country.

Moreover, many tech brands are in Austin, including:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • And more

These companies use high-quality videos in their business processes all the time. The fact that they are based in Austin means they can source these services easily.

Therefore, it’s clear that Austin video production companies keep up with the latest trends and use premium tools to deliver the highest quality of services.

The Austin Chamber reports that, given the low operational costs, more and more big players across many industries are relocating to Austin.

This makes the capital of Texas a very alluring destination for skilled professionals from the entire world.

In addition, the affordable cost of living, the promising job outlook and the many live music venues attract top young talent.

This means video production agencies in Austin are packed with talented and ambitious specialists who can create not only quality videos but in tune with younger audiences.

view of the city Austin in the morning
Austin is the third best place to live in the U.S.

What Does An Austin Video Production Agency Specialize In?

As opposed to other similar agencies around the globe, an Austin video production company tends to be more experienced in providing services for the locally dominant sectors.

According to The Austin Chamber, the leading industries comprising the backbone of Austin’s economy are:

  • Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • And more

Just like other video production companies in the rest of the world, companies based in Austin specialize in creating different types of videos for brands.

Delivering high-performing video content for businesses across all industries, video production agencies help them increase their brand awareness, reach new and wider audiences and so on.

An Austin video production company typically provides this set of services:

  • Writing scripts
  • Creating storyboards
  • Filming videos
  • Editing videos
  • Video advertising
  • Multimedia production
  • And more

They can produce various video categories, some of the most popular being:

  • Brand videos
  • Commercials
  • Product videos
  • Demo videos
  • Onboarding videos
  • How-To’s
  • And more
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What Are The Different Types Of Austin Video Production Companies?

Video production companies in Austin can be categorized in two different ways, by the type of services they offer and by the industry they serve.

In the first place, let’s have a look at their exact type of service:

  • Video production agencies: These companies have an array of quality videos under their belt and can showcase many shooting styles and techniques. They are well-equipped to quickly and efficiently deliver video content to help you accomplish your marketing goals. They can produce corporate videos, product videos, corporate event videos and so on.
  • Full-service production agencies: These agencies have teams of professionals who can handle the pre-production, production and post-production of videos. That means they can also provide marketing or advertising services to help you achieve all your video marketing goals.

Secondly, some video production agencies in Austin have chosen to major in a few specific verticals: technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and more.

How Much Do Austin Video Production Agencies Charge?

From concept to completion and distribution, video production is a long and intricate process. Therefore, the final cost may be expensive.

You should also consider that many specialists work in the production of a single video. Besides the video experts, there are also camera operators, actors, professional voice-overs and other important crew members.

As such, most video production firms in Austin charge between $100 and $150 per hour.

When it comes to projects, many Austin-based video specialists embark on projects valued between $1,000 and $10,000.

Why Hire An Austin Video Production Company?

Given that Austin has been named the number one US city to live in, it goes without saying that qualified and well-trained specialists are based there or relocated from other parts of the country.

Therefore, you can rest assured that video production companies in Austin are able to provide quality and internationally competitive services.

Let’s look at some key reasons why you should hire an Austin video production agency:

  • Top-level talent: The many tech brands and large companies headquartered in Austin are responsible for attracting and retaining top-tier talent. Not to mention the favorable business environment or the steady job growth. These are key factors in enticing some of the finest video specialists from across the country.
  • Quality services at market services: Considering that Austin has more reasonable living expenses than other US-based competitors, video production companies can provide the same quality services for lower prices.
  • Unique insight into the local market: Continuously working in the capital of Texas, video experts have gained deep knowledge about the local market dynamics. They keep up with the latest market trends and can provide insights about the challenges or rising opportunities in the market.

How To Choose The Best Video Production Agency In Austin

Choosing the best video production company might be a difficult task. Be sure to take these steps before hiring an agency in Austin:

Step #1: Decide On The Type Of Video

Even before going on a hunt for agencies, make sure to decide precisely what type of video you want to produce.

This is key in choosing an agency over another as many video production companies in Austin have centralized their efforts in producing only several types of videos or have particularly focused on a few industries.

As such, to make sure your video project is in the best hands and on its way to success, it’s better to choose an agency that has already created the video category you need or tackled projects within your niche.

Step #2: Check Their Past Work

Checking their portfolio and looking at their previous videos will tell you exactly if their aesthetic, style and creativity are in line with your brand vision.

Moreover, you can determine if they have experience in your industry or if they can deliver original and fresh video content.

Step #3: Ask If They Have Marketing Experience

Ultimately, your goal is to promote your business through video. So, video production companies that have a robust portfolio of artistic and experimental videos should be excluded.

Instead, gravitate towards a video production agency with digital marketing expertise.

These specialists have a deep understanding of the digital landscape and can tell you precisely what type of video yields the best results for your brand. Moreover, they know on what platforms to market your video content and what demographics to target.

Step #4: Understand Who Will Work On Your Video

Though the top video production agencies in Austin have only teams of experts and qualified specialists, they also have many part-time employees.

That means you should understand exactly what team members will work on your video project and in what capacity. Also, determine who will be your point of contact to ensure you’re up to date at all times.

Step #5: Consider The Timeframe

As we previously stated, the entire production of a video involves many stages and can take a while until completion.

You first must conceptualize an idea, then film the video and make edits on several versions until the final product is ready to go.

Some video production agencies in Austin have quicker turnarounds than others or might ask for an extra fee to accelerate the process and deliver the video within the deadline.

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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring Austin Video Production Companies

Before you decide on a business partner, make sure to gather as many details as you possibly can into their processes, company culture or quality of work.

Ask them these ten questions:

  1. What type of video do you believe works best for our goals and why?
  2. What similar videos have you produced before? Do you have some knowledge about our industry?
  3. How will you determine our target demographic and develop key messaging?
  4. Who from your team will be working on our projects and what are their responsibilities?
  5. How long does it take to produce the video? What’s the timeframe?
  6. Do you have video marketing experience?
  7. Can you break down your list of prices?
  8. Will we own the final product?
  9. Who will be managing our project?
  10. Do you keep up with the latest industry trends?

Takeaways On Austin Video Production Companies

Given its status as the top US city to start a business in 2020 or the fact that is one of the best places to live in the States, Austin is sure to host highly-skilled video experts.

The key factors that distinguish Austin video production companies from other similar entities in the rest of the world are:

  • Top-level talent pool
  • High-quality services at market prices
  • Local market experience

To make sure you’re selecting the right agency for your business, follow these five steps:

  • Decide on the type of video
  • Explore an agency’s portfolio
  • Check if they also have marketing expertise
  • Learn about their team members
  • Consider the timeline

Most Austin video production companies have an average hourly rate between $100 and $150.


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