What Makes a Web Design Company in Pittsburgh Unique?

Pittsburgh is leading the way for thriving communities and businesses with innovation, imagination and lively spirit. The city's job-ready workforce, abundant natural resources, cultural heritage, and central location made Pittsburgh a hub for companies and a leader in technological education and innovation.

The city promises to continue inspiring communities and companies in the area. Learn more about the features that make a web design company in Pittsburg unique.

Feature #1: Pittsburgh Has Highly Talented Professionals

Pittsburgh is home to multiple national and world-class universities, including the following:

  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • Duquesne University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of Pittsburgh

They produce thousands of young, highly qualified, educated professionals yearly. Pittsburgh was recently ranked as "America's Smartest City."

The city's rising population of highly qualified individuals makes it an excellent environment for small businesses to find the services and employees needed to build a great company.

It also means that a web design company in Pittsburgh has access to highly qualified employees that can help their team meet their client's expectations. It'll ensure that your company can work with the best talents in the industry to meet your goals.

Feature #2: Pittsburgh Is One of America's Most Livable Cities

Pittsburgh is called the most livable city in the Continental United States. It means that the city's economy is highly predictable and stable, attracting more entrepreneurs to build their businesses in the city. Compared to other cities, Pittsburgh real estate prices don't fluctuate much.

The city's older population and health services also attract more people. A steady consumer base and a predictable market make Pittsburgh the perfect place for small businesses.

To survive the city's fierce competition, you'll have to establish your online presence. It allows local consumers to gather information about your company quickly.

That's where a web design company in Pittsburgh can help you. With their assistance, you can build a locally optimized website that caters to your consumers' needs.

Feature #3: Pittsburgh Offers a Better Quality of Life

Pittsburgh also offers top-ranked health institutions, fulfilling careers, world-class universities, affordable real estate, and the lowest cost of living. The city's housing expenses are 8% lower than the national average, and healthcare is 6% cheaper.

The median home price is $161,800, compared to the U.S. average of $201,900. Unlike other metropolitan areas, affordability plays a huge role in attracting more people to live in the area.

Pittsburgh's increasing population can mean catering to your consumers' ever-changing buying preferences and habits, making it challenging to keep up with their needs. To succeed in the city, you'll have to build an easy-to-navigate website.

Your website represents your brand, so you'll have to be creative and innovative. That's where a web design company in Pittsburgh can come in. You need to work with someone who understands the local market and your consumers to realize your dreams.

Pittsburgh’s day light view
Pittsburgh has a steady consumer base and a predictable market

What Does a Pittsburgh Website Design Firm Specialize In?

A web design company in Pittsburgh is responsible for building websites or web pages by combining different design elements, including:

  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Animations
  • Images

In addition, local web design firms can build a new website or change the layout and design of existing pages. Their focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing websites so that users have a positive user experience upon visiting.

Pittsburgh web design firms will also use programming languages and graphic design software programs to build an eye-catching design by creating wireframes and prototypes before testing their designs.

Generally, a top-rated Pittsburgh designer will have the following responsibilities:

  • Building responsive and engaging landing pages
  • Optimizing sites for maximum scalability and speed
  • Establishing design guidelines and standards
  • Ensuring website stability and function across devices
  • Incorporating features and functionalities into websites
  • Designing sample pages, including fonts and colors
  • Preparing design plans and the website structure

But in addition to those roles, web design firms in the area also offer more specific services such as:

Why Hire a Pittsburgh Web Design Agency?

Building an eye-catching website or web page starts with searching for a reliable web design company in Pittsburgh. Hiring one of the top-rated designers in Pittsburgh will less likely cause problems down the road. Here are the benefits of working with a web designer in Pittsburgh.

Benefit #1: You Can Get Audience-Targeted Designs

Templated designs will only cater to the general public. They were made to provide you with a design that you can easily customize to an extent to build your website fast. However, hiring a Pittsburgh website designer is another story. With a local designer, you can create your website with your target audience in mind.

It'll allow you to attract the right consumers. Nearly all potential consumers will only interact with your company if your website appeals to them. A Pittsburgh designer will ensure they build the right website with your potential consumers' preferences and habits in mind.

Benefit #2: You Can Have Effective Communication

Effective communication with your web designer is necessary. It ensures that the team understands your approved design and visual elements. If you work with a non-local company, you can only communicate online, resulting in miscommunication and frustrations.

However, if you work with a web design company in Pittsburgh, you can arrange for a physical brief and meeting to talk about your preferred design or ideas.

In-person communication is more effective than online conferencing, so nearly all local web designers in Pittsburgh recommend working with them.

Benefit #3: You Can Use Local Resources or Networks

A Pittsburgh website design firm will always have access to local networks and resources that non-local companies don't have. In addition, they can use such networks and resources to their advantage, helping them deliver affordable design services.

Furthermore, a Pittsburgh designer has the latest information on your local market's preferences and needs. Therefore, they can advise you on the best approaches to create content for your website, increasing your overall visibility in the local market.

Pittsburgh’s median HH income
[Source: Best Places]

Benefit #4: You Can Work with Someone Who Is in Close Proximity to Your Market

Proximity is important in any business as it helps with ease of access to resources, labor, materials, and the local market. Hiring someone in the same area as yours, like Pittsburgh, will help you fast-track your web design projects.

Your Pittsburgh designer will always have the time to visit your office and familiarize themselves with your business. Moreover, they can better understand the objectives of your website and use their local expertise to your advantage when building your website.

Lastly, your web design company in Pittsburgh can suggest improvements and provide new ideas instead of mainly creating a design that fits your needs.

Benefit #5: You Can Ensure an Intuitive User Experience

When your local audience visits your website, they should easily navigate and find the necessary information. Hiring a Pittsburgh web design agency is essential because it lets you easily interact with the team working on your project, allowing them to gather any information they need to build a website that offers a positive user experience.

When you build an easy-to-navigate website, you'll increase your chances of converting more buyers or visitors. A Pittsburgh designer knows how to develop a design to keep customers engaged.

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How Much Do Pittsburgh Website Designers Charge?

Usually, a web design company in Pittsburgh charges $100 – $150 per hour. However, you can find a web designer that offers rates as low as $25 – $40 per hour.

In addition, they usually charge $1,000 – $10,000 per project. But other companies offer rates as high as $25,000 – $50,000.

Each designer in the area uses a unique pricing structure that depends on different factors, including:

  • Content management system
  • Static or eCommerce
  • Search engine optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Navigation and usability
  • And more

How to Find the Right Pittsburgh Website Design Firm?

To simplify the hiring process, here are the steps you should take when hiring a web design company in Pittsburgh.

Step #1: Understand Your Project's Scope

It's best to understand your project's scope so you can easily discuss your needs with a web design company in Pittsburgh. It also ensures that you work with the right professionals. For example, if you want to build a website from scratch, you'll have to hire developers and designers.

Or, if you need custom animated graphics to build brand awareness, you'll have to look for a graphic designer in the city. Understanding your project's scope is the best way to achieve desired results.

Step #2: Be Upfront About Your Expectations

Before scheduling an appointment, you must be clear about the website you want to build. Begin by making a list of websites that caught your attention. Then, list what you liked about each website, including the typography, design, and layout.

You can show these to your potential candidates to ensure everyone is on the same page. During this phase, you should also decide on the website you want to build. Before hiring a Pittsburgh web design agency, determine if you're going to make a traditional website or a more visually appealing one.

Step #3: Set the Budget for Your Website

Another essential part of the planning process is setting the proper budget for your project. In this phase, it's best to think about your long-term goals and revenue. For example, building your online presence is expensive, but it'll become a worthwhile investment after implementation.

In fact, the cost of building a website differs depending on specific factors like:

  • Functionality
  • The number of pages
  • Design elements
  • And more

It can also include the following:

  • The time it'll take to build your website
  • The features you want to incorporate
  • How simple or complex your website is

Therefore, you should work with a Pittsburgh website designer that fits your budget and provides high-quality work.

Step #4: Hire an Agency Keen on Satisfaction

Ask the website design company in Pittsburgh if they outsource certain aspects of the project or hire freelancers. They're more likely to provide poor customer service or are ill-equipped to address your frustrations.

Established web design firms aren't keen on customer satisfaction. You can hardly reach the designers working on your website as they work on several projects simultaneously.

Hire a Pittsburgh web design firm that employs graphic designers and developers to ensure excellent customer satisfaction. They can also quickly address problems that might arise during the process, like:

  • Too many colors and textures
  • Overused stock icons and images
  • A site not optimized for mobile devices
  • Outdated or poor design elements
  • And more

Step #5: Hire a Proactive Web Design Agency

Being proactive is necessary. Nearly all Pittsburgh website design firms are proactive, allowing them to detect issues early and find the best solutions. In addition, they'll be on top of their tasks and complete the project on time.

Hiring a proactive web design company in Pittsburgh allows you to build a deeper level of trust and a more personalized relationship with the team.

Your business will also excel when you hire a proactive designer. Usually, they have the following traits:

  • Knows what they're doing
  • Listen attentively to your questions
  • Takes proper notes
  • Offers a detailed estimate
  • Is well-spoken

Feel free to check if their previous customers were satisfied with their services.

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10 Questions to Ask Pittsburgh Website Designers

  1. Can you describe your web design process?
  2. Do you specialize in other areas of design aside from web?
  3. Do you outsource your projects or work with an in-house?
  4. Can you describe your typical timeline for web design project?
  5. What do you need from us before you start with the project?
  6. Do I need to provide the assets for my web design project?
  7. Which content management system and website builder do you use?
  8. How responsive are your web designers?
  9. Will you integrate my automation strategies?
  10. How will you secure my website from problems?

Takeaways on Web Design Companies in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is becoming a leading city of innovation, inspiring communities and companies in the area. With the city's rising population of highly educated and qualified individuals, a web design company in Pittsburgh will have access to the best talents in the town.

Because of that, the city is turning into an excellent environment for small businesses because you can find the people or services needed to establish your reputation in the area. Pittsburgh's predictable and stable economy is another factor that attracts entrepreneurs to build their businesses in the city.

If you want to survive the fierce competition, you'll have to be innovative. One way to start is by building a new website or redesigning your old one. You can only achieve your objectives if you work with one of the top-rated web design companies in the area.

Pittsburgh website designers are your best sources of information that can help you optimize your site and make it more appealing to the local market. You don't have to be worried about each agency's rates because you can always find a team that fits your budget.

Typically, they charge $100 – $150 per hour. 

Don't hesitate to ask each agency about their rates and packages to find the most affordable choice.

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