• Apple Clean Homepage

    Try using just a few keywords to describe one of the biggest technology brands in the world. For some, this feels like an impossible task, but for major brands, it’s an essential. And it’s something that Apple has been able to deliver consistently, and without fail since the ‘90s.

    So, how would we describe the monster tech company’s website? In three words: organized, clean, and efficient. For starters, Apple’s homepage normally features a simple horizontal navbar at the top, with clear and concise menu buttons: the Apple logo which doubles as a homepage button, Mac for computers, iPad for iPads, iPhone for iPhones, Watch for watches, TV for TV shows, and well, you get the picture. Directly below the sleek navbar is a full-screen image that runs to the fold. Currently, Apple is using a slider, allowing the user to see three of its top products—iPhone, iPad, and watch. That’s it for above the fold content. Organized, clean, efficient.

    Apple Clean Website Design

    Below the fold, Apple introduces more product images and more information. But by keeping this information contained within a grid, they effectively organize content and reduce clutter. These elements repeat throughout each of the product pages: navbar at the top of the header, sliding hero images, smaller grid images, and product information. This layout effectively creates a reverse pyramid structure to organize content and information. This reverse-pyramid effect remains consistent throughout the site.

    Apple Clean Product Page

    Apple relies heavily on the use of images to convey information to its users. Put simply, a good image equals a good first impression. Plus, putting emphasis on the images helps minimize text and reduce clutter. But Apple adds elements of interactivity to striking images, by using simple and clever animations.

    Take for example the interactive gallery that’s been created for the Apple Watch series 2. A quick animation and branding typography scheme flash to draw the user in. Then a crisp, clear image of the watch takes the center. The user can now click on various color schemes to swipe and see exactly what their customized watch will look like. Users can then use the same functions to explore different faces and cases.

    Apple Clean Menu Design

    But beyond photos, videos, and clever animations, Apple also relies on the use of sleek logos to replace text-heavy sub-navigation menus. Take, for example, each of the products that fall under the Mac navigation tab—MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, the list goes on. Rather than relying on a boring vertical drop menu, Apple has created a second horizontal navbar, which relies on the use of logos for each product. This is yet another clever branding play, which helps keep things clean and organized.

    Apple Clean Website Design

    You might think that we’d need to spend pages upon pages delving into the brilliance behind Apple’s web design. But the truth is that company’s minimalism is what packs all the punch. By keeping their designs organized, clean, and efficient, the company has launched some of the most influential UX/UI elements on the web. It’s as simple as that.

    Apple is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Technology industries.