Lioness & Rose Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Golden text and image color
  • Patriotic colors
  • Bold, serif typography

Prem Desai's logo design for Lioness & Rose Pub blends traditional British pub aesthetics with a modern celebration of women's football. The golden color of the text and the lioness image radiates warmth, reflecting the prestige and glory of football.

The lioness in the logo displays solidarity with the women's football team, the Lionesses. This choice of symbol aligns the pub with the values of strength, unity, and pride, particularly during the excitement surrounding the Euro 2021 games.

The logo's bold, serif typography complements the pub's commitment to traditional values while also giving the logo design a robust appeal.

The Lioness & Rose Pub stands out as a venue that offers an excellent atmosphere for watching live sports and champions the support of the national women's team, inviting patrons to join in a shared passion for football, quality time, and community spirit.

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