Autolist Modern App Design

Autolist is a go-to destination to find used cars and truck for sale. The Autolist mobile app aggregates results from used car sites and auto dealer sites, providing users with the largest inventory in a single place on the web.

The home screen of the Autolist app features a prominent search module set against a large, aspirational image of a vehicle. The prominent search module makes it easy for users to begin finding results as quickly as possible. For those who are less sure of what they’re looking for, Autolist also provides options to select from a handful of trending searches, or to scroll through a list of vehicle body types and popular makes.

The app makes searching a quick, painless process by prompting users to answer a series of key questions about what they’re looking for. Radio buttons and sliders are employed to make entering information easy.

Search results are displayed in a scrolling, card-based layout. Each result features key information so users can easily compare between listings. There are also options to sort and filter the results based on preferred criteria. Each vehicle listing itself is packed with important information to help the user assess the value of the deal presented. Contact information is prominently listed and a bold call-to-action prompts users to check the car’s availability. Users can also favorite vehicles to generate a list of their top choices.

The Autolist is a great app that's a great resource for anyone in the market for a new car. The usability is solid, and the design offers a modern, user-friendly browsing experience.

Autolist is a modern app design in the Automotive industry.