Curator Minimal App Design

Curator is a creative app that allows users to create and share mood boards to organize and convey ideas. According to Curator’s website, “Curator is the No.1 tool for the creative process. From the first fragment of an idea to the presentation. Simple, fast, powerful.”

The Curator experience begins with an onboarding process. Onboarding is handled through a series of screens, each with a colorful background in a different muted tone from the Curator palette. Each screen helps users understand how they can harness the power of the app.

Once in the app experience, helper text prompts the user to take the first step by tapping to create a new board. From there the user taps into an empty cell of the board to add text, images, or a website. Text can be adjusted in size and color for a truly custom end product. Images can be pulled from the user’s device, or from a number of linked platforms, including Dropbox, Instagram, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Once more than one board has been created, the user can simply scroll horizontally to see them displayed in a carousel. The motion and animation in the app are slick, giving the sense of a truly modern user experience. The experience of using the app feels fresh and intuitively functional.

Curator’s design aesthetic is minimalist. The app itself is designed in a muted gray, white, and black palette that allows the boards themselves to become the central visual focus. Color is used sparingly to highlight important helper text and links.

Curator is a minimal app design in the Arts & Recreation industry. 

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