Lifecake Clean App Design

Parents live to share photos of their kids. In the old days they’d keep snapshots in their wallets to pull out whenever someone asked. These days, the main means of sharing photos of our kids is through social media, but not everyone wants their entire social following to be privvy to the day-to-day of the child’s life.

That’s where Lifecake comes in -- it’s an app designed to give parents the freedom to photograph and document the moments in their child’s life and share those photos only with a select number of invited users.

Lifecake also gives users the benefit of a timeline of their child’s growth that is easily navigable. Premium users can save an unlimited number of photos, though there is a cap for free users. Once photos are added, users can scroll through their child’s timeline to access photos of them at any age -- a far simpler way to browse than by scrolling endlessly through photo albums.

The user interface of Lifecake is intuitive enough that anyone can use it comfortably -- yes, that even includes grandparents. Navigation takes place through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen, with the all important “add” button front and center. Users can like and comment on photos, so even distant relatives can keep in touch and stay connected with family.

Lightweight typography, minimalist iconography, and a fresh green color palette help give Lifecake an approachable, modern aesthetic. It’s a truly indispensable resource for privacy-obsessed parents.

Lifecake is a clean app design in the Arts & Recreation industry.