Lyft Cool App Design

A well-known player in the transportation app market, Lyft offers rides on-demand through its mobile app. When a user opens the app, they are shown a map of their surroundings, with their location auto-populated via their phone’s GPS. Users can see how many available Lyfts are nearby, and they’re told how much the ride will cost in advance -- a major advantage over traditional cab companies.

The app shows the user’s ride as it approaches their location, giving them the power to track the progress of their ride. It also offers many useful features, like cost splitting, the ability to send an estimated arrival time to a friend or family member, contact the driver, or cancel the ride. All communication is handled directly through the app, so users’ privacy is protected.

The app has built-in features that make finding and requesting a ride as quick and easy as possible. Users have the option to add home and work addresses as location shortcuts, and the app can be quickly auto-populated with the user’s current location as well as nearby businesses and popular locations. Push notifications keep users informed with messages from the app, like when a ride is arriving. In order to encourage users to share Lyft with their community, the app has the option to send personalized promotional codes to people in the user’s contacts. The promotional program acts as a powerful incentive to use the app over other competitors, and to share it widely with friends and acquaintances.

The app’s design helps Lyft stand out from major competitors. A minimalist grey and white background with lightweight typography is offset by pops of Lyft’s trademark hot pink logo and accent color. A strong purple is also used for calls-to-action and to accentuate important messages within the app, like estimated arrival time.

Lyft App is cool app design in the e-commerce & retail and travel industries.