Photomath Flat App Design

Photomath is an app that helps users solve math problems with the power of their smartphone camera. The app works by allowing the user to scan a math problem with their phone. The app solves the problem and gives the user step-by-step instructions on how they can find the solution on their own. The app bills itself as the world’s smartest camera calculator and math assistant.

With the photomath app users can access instant solutions to their equations, learn how to execute math problems themselves, and edit and create new problems with the app’s smart calculator that is far more advanced than the built-in calculators that come native to any smartphone. A special keyboard is employed so users have access to more sophisticated symbols than can be found on normal app keyboards. The scanning feature is advanced, though if an equation is interpreted incorrectly users have the option to manually correct it. An illustrated video shows users how to use the scanning functionality. Step-by-step instructions are collapsed by default but can be expanded for detailed explanations.

Users can also share their equations to relevant apps such as email, notes, and messaging. The users history is saved so problems can be accessed after-the-fact.

The app’s design is done in a palette of grays with a red accent color used throughout to highlight key user actions and to draw attention to the equation solution itself. The app has a flat and minimal design that makes it feel modern and fresh -- no easy feat for something as quotidien as a calculator.

Photomath is a flat app design in the education industry.

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