7 Best eCommerce and Retail App Designs That Elevate the Online Shopping Experience

7 Best eCommerce and Retail App Designs That Elevate the Online Shopping Experience
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: March 03, 2024

Experience the future of retail at your fingertips with our curated list of eCommerce and retail apps that provide exceptional design and unparalleled functionality. Find out why they are among the best app designs on DesignRush.

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1. Hyper Market by Jagath Selvan

[Source: Jagath Selvan]

Standout Features:

  • Simple navigation system
  • Mapped out stores
  • Easier purchasing

To address the consumer's everyday problems, such as long waiting lines and false product information, Hyper Market is an app that overcomes these issues. Thanks to Jagath Selvan, this vision came alive with some Artificial Reality (AR) magic.

The app lets you create a list of items you want to buy (with prices included), simultaneously calculating the total and helping you find these items quickly and pay for them the fastest way possible.

You can find the products on your list by following the mapped-out stores that offer live directions to the specific aisle, which helps them save time looking for them. They also save time by paying for the items directly with the app via a credit card, thus avoiding the pesky long lines.

2. Tim's Grocery Store by Trigubs Design

[Source: Trigubs Design]

Standout Features:

  • Navigable interface
  • Savable carts
  • Categorized products

Tim's Grocery Store is an eCommerce application designed by Trigubs Design to provide grocery delivery in regions outside cities. The interface offers a seamless navigation experience. It also features distinctive features like the products' expiration dates, favorite items, and carts.

The items are segmented into categories, making browsing much simpler and more efficient.

Finally, while it's common to have apps that let you save a favorite product, this one records your purchased items or grocery cart lists, so you can make a routine grocery purchase in seconds!

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3. Forthgreen by Santi Gomez

[Source: Santi Gomez]

Standout Features:

  • Comprehensive vegan lifestyle catalog
  • Integrated retail and dining directories
  • Engaging social functionality

Forthgreen's app design by Santi Gomez brings the healthy lifestyle closer to users by showcasing products that align with vegan principles.

Each product page is detailed and user-friendly – from clothing and footwear to food items. It encourages action through strategic CTAs that facilitate easy purchasing. Its advanced search and filtering options create a customized browsing experience.

The app simplifies the search for vegan dining with an intuitive interface that allows for listing or map views. The comprehensive restaurant pages are enriched with user reviews and essential dining information. This helps users make well-informed dining choices!

Forthgreen fosters a vibrant community space where individuals, businesses, and vegan restaurants can connect and grow. This app section is a dynamic forum for sharing discoveries, making connections, and staying updated on the latest vegan trends!

4. ImpactFluence by Inna Mashek

[Source: Inna Mashek]

Standout Features:

  • Dainty color scheme
  • Advanced filtering system
  • Direct communication channel

Inna Mashek's impressive design work for ImpactFluence revolutionizes how fashion brands and influencers interact by facilitating more manageable and smoother partnerships.

The app's interface features a soft color palette of various pink shades, monochromatic, and muted hues. This style creates a welcoming and feminine ambiance that appeals to its user base.

A sophisticated filtering system enables quick searches to find potential collaborators instantly. This comprehensive tool allows for precise selections based on style, gender, ethnicity, and other detailed criteria.

Additionally, it streamlines the collaboration process between parties through a seamless communication feature. With direct messages and file attachments, the app fosters uninterrupted dialogue between models and brands.

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5. Styli Fashion by Nikhil Singh

[Source: Nikhil Singh]

Standout Features:

  • Seamless checkout journey
  • Streamlined discovery pages
  • Well-organized product categories

Nikhil Singh's stunning UX design for the Styli Fashion app elevates the online shopping experience for Arabic fast fashion culture. It's more than just an eCommerce app. It's a platform that resonates deeply with its audience through localized shopping experiences.

The robust design system features a clean and consistent UI. It enhances the product discovery journey with organized category browsing and detailed product pages. Clever eCommerce tactics like product badges and scarcity indicators effectively engage shoppers.

The checkout journey has been meticulously redesigned for simplicity and efficiency. It incorporates maps for address capture and various payment channels.

The best part? Post-purchase, customers can enjoy a seamless order management experience with tracking, returns, and order history features.

6. Kazidomi by Houghton.Works

[Source: Houghton.Works]

Standout Features:

  • Intuitive product categorization
  • Engaging colorful tags
  • Comprehensive item descriptions

Houghton.Works has masterfully revamped the app for Kazidomi, a Brussels-based eCommerce platform dedicated to promoting sustainable brands throughout Europe.

This user-friendly shopping app streamlines product discovery with straightforward, large typography and vivid imagery. It also highlights Kazidomi's verified product lines, inviting users to explore trusted options.

An understated background is the perfect canvas for vibrant, colorful tags. These tags inject a sense of fun and playfulness into the browsing experience. Plus, they help users identify product categories or attributes.

Every product listing offers various perspectives, user satisfaction ratings, and a detailed description to guide potential buyers. This depth of information ensures that customers are well-informed, making their shopping experience enjoyable and efficient!

7. Markit by Arsal Idrees

[Source: Arsal Idrees]

Standout Features:

  • Activity-based recommendations
  • Dark-themed interface
  • Interactive scanning feature

Markit is an eCommerce platform that makes phone shopping pleasant and straightforward. Designed by Arsal Idrees, the layout of this app embraces a dark-themed interface contrasted lightly with a vibrant purple shade used to accent buttons and specific visuals.

The app's shopping experience flow is based on several flows available to the users. One is the search flow, where the user makes initial search queries, and then the app's algorithm starts using the prompts to suggest the most relevant ones first.

Another notable feature is the interactive scanning option, which encourages users to take a photo of the product and let the app find it in the database, continuing to the purchase phase.

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