11 Best Easy-To-Use App Designs That Set the User Experience Standards High

11 Best Easy-To-Use App Designs That Set the User Experience Standards High
Article by Petar Pesic
Last Updated: January 01, 2024

Dive into a world of intuitive interfaces and smooth interactions with our curated list of the best easy-to-use app designs and make technology work for you, effortlessly, with some of the finest projects of the best app design companies on DesignRush.

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1. Grinpath by Javier Quiroga

[Source: Javier Quiroga]

Standout Features:

  • Gamification
  • Soft color palette
  • Motivating map view

Grinpath is an app designed by Javier Quiroga with the aim of enhancing their past app for women suffering from fibromyalgia. The new solution makes the gamified journey feel a lot more interactive thanks to personalized behavioral activation features.

The color palette entails mostly soft colors that produce a sense of serenity with blue and green as primary options. These colors were supported by brighter shades that added energy to the mix.

The gamified experience the app offers provides several paths, some focusing on immediate pain relief while others exploring the users’ behavioral patterns. The latter option includes an optional map view that helps them visualize their progress and remain consistent!

2. NoodleDoodle by soyflare

[Source: soyflare]

Standout Features:

  • Intuitive and straightforward
  • Mapped out vendors
  • Urban funky typography

A Berlin-based food truck business called NoodleDoodle specializes in Italian pasta. Soyflare helped the brand develop an app design that would help them attract target customers like students and employees with little free time and a love for pasta!

As soon as you enter the app, you’re ready to go – the upper half of the screen depicts a map of the city with large truck icons mapped out, tracking them every day, with some funky urban typography on a pasta yellow background greeting the users. Below the map, there’s a list of trucks with approximate distances calculated to help the user save time.

As soon as you tap on a “truck”, you get information on the exact location and the work hours followed by a menu filled with delicious images of the brand’s dishes.

3. BRWR by Matt Hughes

[Source: Matt Hughes]

Standout Features:

  • Exquisite iconography
  • Step-by-step brewing process
  • Recipe customization

Aside from being an exceptional app designer, Matt Hughes is also a coffee lover. Connecting his two passions, he created BRWR – an app design that acts like a personal coffee coach for those who enjoy making their own caffeine-based treat.

With a clean dark-themed background embracing the screens, the app is laden with awesome features supported by exquisite iconography. One of the main ones is the brewing process presented step-by-step, ensuring that even the complete beginners can enjoy making a quality brew.

The design also includes a wide library of in-depth recipes that can also be customized, so the design encourages users to play around and make something new!

4. Legacy Bakes by Nicole Deane Creative

[Source: Nicole Deane Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Diverse categorization
  • Social media features
  • Simple two-tab recipes

The Legacy Bakes app design is Nicole Deane Creative’s gift for all the people who want to get into baking or better their oven craft combined with a compassionate community to share their passion and progress.

Laden with golden brown visuals that resemble perfectly baked goods, the intuitive navigation system features diverse recipe categorization which filters them either by skill level or type of food users want to make.

Once you’re set on your next endeavor, the recipe page is divided into two tabs that delete the impractical scrolling. With this app, you can review the needed ingredients via the first tab and then easily switch to the “Method” option to get a step-by-step preparation process.

Finally, the app goes beyond baking with the inclusion of social media features like profile pictures, forums, and groups where users can engage with their peers.

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5. Wake UP! This is your STOP! by Jo Ionescu

[Source: Jo Ionescu]

Standout Features:

  • Integrated traveling map view
  • Maximal user control
  • Adjustable timers

Ever fallen asleep on a dull train ride? Jo Ionescu got you covered with the app design for Wake UP! This is your STOP! Yep, this is a mobile mapping platform that wakes passengers up as the train arrives at their station by combining alarm triggers with their location.

This easy-to-use app lets the users pick any of the city’s trains and pick one of the listed stops. As soon as they do, the design calculates how much time will be needed approximately to get there and sets a countdown until that point. Before napping away, the user can set the volume of the alarm ring easily and adjust the timers if there’s a delayed arrival.

If they wake up early, they don’t need to worry as a look at their screen will show exactly where they currently are thanks to the integrated traveling map view that follows the train to a T.

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6. Sleep Routine by Dariusz Wegrzyn

[Source: Dariusz Wegrzyn]

Standout Features:

  • Routine management
  • Awards system
  • Encouraging community

Nothing can replace a good night’s sleep. However, not everyone can enjoy this privilege. Having troubles with it himself, Dariusz Wegrzyn decided to act - he designed an app that helps facilitate better sleep patterns through habit-building and premade schedules.

The app uses sleepy colors and visuals to set the mood, alleviate stress, and inspire tranquility upon setting custom routines that can quickly be edited. The routines don’t have to be authentic; users can head over to the community section and borrow premade routines which they can alter.

The homepage provides a clean dashboard that lists upcoming activities for the day (and their time slots) and habit-building is encouraged by a cool reward system that tracks the users’ progress and awards them with unique achievements for sticking through with it!

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7. Cherry On Top Bakery by MondesirDesign

[Source: MondesirDesign]

Standout Features:

  • Improving the checkout speed
  • Streamlining the ordering process
  • Large font prices

Cherry On Top Bakery provides its delights to so many buyers that it got to a point where their popularity took a toll on their customer satisfaction level due to high traffic and long waiting times at peak hours. With the problem in mind, MondesirDesign helped develop an app design that will address these and other pain points, like those stemming from the current ordering system.

By providing an app with a menu full of delicious baked goods, the only window customers now need to look at while ordering is the one on their phones. The app entails a more intuitive ordering process that improves the flow and enables the users to set approximate time frames for picking up their orders. All the users need to do is come pick up their goods as the payment too has been moved to the app.

Aside from the emphasized pictures of the products, the design features clean screens with large font prices that help people with poor eyesight get all the info they need before ordering.

8. Frugal by Lukas Rathmann

[Source: Lukas Rathmann]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and direct
  • Encouraging conscious spending
  • Thematic toggle

Frugal is a budget app designed by Lukas Rathmann to return to the basics without confusing extra elements that clutter most apps of this nature nowadays. Instead, Frugal is built to combine clean, modern UI with basic manual budgeting functionality.

The dashboard features a list of financial chores with a clean layout showcasing only the budget set and current spending. The design employs a simple and direct approach to budgeting with a light and dark theme that can be interchanged according to user preferences.

Addressing the pain points of similar apps, this design goes back to the basics by encouraging users to manually adjust their budget for various daily spending. Rather than checking analytics actively to understand the spending patterns, the manual approach helps users spend their money consciously.

9. Navegante by Miguel Rato

[Source: Miguel Rato]

Standout Features:

  • Fare zone calculator
  • Bright and energetic
  • Rounded typography

Miguel Rato created an app that helps new Lisboans figure out how to get around the city effortlessly while teaching them about the metropolis' geography. Meet Navegante!

The core function and purpose of the app is to use a fare zone calculator which prompts the users to imply their expected daily travels. With this info, the calculator proposes the best option(s) for a specific monthly public transportation system that informs the user of the price and lets them explore the city seamlessly.

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The design uses vivid and energetic colors like lime green and bright yellow in combination with rounded typography that helps build a go-getter-friendly atmosphere for newcomers, turning anxiety and frustration into excitement and adventure time!

10. Wander Wheels by May Lee

[Source: May Lee]

Standout Features:

  • Color-coded pathway difficulties
  • Volunteer aid feature
  • Paying back for help

Wander Wheels is a navigation app designed by May Lee aiming to improve the tourist experience for travelers with mobility issues. The design uses soothing natural illustrations, energetic colors, and wholesome features that help eliminate their common traveling obstacles.

The map view features color-coded pathways with a legend that indicates which colors reflect particular traveling difficulties. These levels are calculated based on the textures, blockages, and detours that demand altering pathways.

Then there’s the awesome feature that helps travelers find volunteers for free to help them out with tricky pathways, errands, heavy lifting or even keeping them company throughout the day for various tasks. In return, the users can send virtual coffees to their helpers as a token of gratitude that the app then cashes out to the volunteers.

11. Hypnic State Meditation by Viktor Enns and Ron Smeets

[Source: Viktor Enns]

Standout Features:

  • Soothing, dark theme
  • Intuitive navigation
  • In-depth dashboard charting

Viktor Enns, with co-creator Ron Smeets, wanted to create a modern app design that would help the fictitious client get up to speed (tech-wise) with a solution that would help bring back peace to meditation apps. Enter Hypnic State Meditation!

To do so, the designers used a dark theme with soothing blue screens equipped with colorful animations that mimic the planetary rotations. Another pain point addressed is the constant distraction that disrupts the focus flow. The design includes an easy toggle bar that lets the user enter “Focus Mode” which blocks all notifications while the app is on.

The intuitive navigation lets users immediately start the easily adjustable timer and keep track and analyze their set goals in an in-depth dashboard full of daily, weekly, and overall charts that portray their progress.

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